tirsdag den 30. juli 2013

Lights soon out and more...

Pretty much it really...Though I am a horrible dancer! I have actually been dancing a little happy dance. A fellow blogger Bryan (Vampifan) is in the hospital. And after a chat with Roger (Rogzombie) where I think the conversation went like: 
Indeed, a lot of people in the hobby love Bryan. Hopefully some of those vibes will help him if you believe in such things, who knows?

If it helps..I will send him some good vibes! Hell I will even do a little dance!

After that we got information that he was doing better! So...More dancing!!!!

We will soon be making a LIGHTS OUT 2. From 10 in the morning to 22 in the evening NO electric means can be used! We did this a while ago when it was colder outside. Now lets try it out when it is hotter. The telephones will be left on in order for people to be able to contact us should an emergency arise. No text messages will be read! 

There are still zombies around, humans...Not so much. Those that still are relatively close by help eachother out. Trading are the new currency. Money has no value. Part of the neighbourhood has been barricaded, but zombies still find a way in. So does gangs! 

I will be making a little game too during the day.

Talking about games.... Check this Kickstarter out! Value for money! Really love this APC!
Brothers of iron 

 Ramshackle Games are the ones that make the game Nuclear Renaiccance. I am using those rules at the moment for my apoc games. He has some great models at good prices so go check the store out as well!

And with that I will leave you again. Time for a cup of coffee now. Best wishes to Bryan and good luck with the kickstarter to Curtis!!!

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  1. Good luck with the Lights out day. There are some nice toys over at Ramshackle

    1. Absolutely and nice bits for converting

  2. Awesome! I remember reading about the last time you did the lights out thing. I look forward to reading how this one goes :D

    Also, it's great news that Bryan is doing better :)

  3. Your happy dance would have been a sight to behold...

    In other news, I'm going to visit Bryan in the next day or so.

    1. You would most likely laugh a lot at my dance ! Please give Bryan my well wishes !!!

    2. If you do manage to visit Bryan Pass all our regards on to him.

    3. Add my good wishes as well to the man!

  4. I am also looking forward to the Lights out day I hope it is not too stressful and that all goes well. Best of luck, and make sure no biters get you!

  5. Would that be a little bacon dance perchance?