søndag den 19. maj 2013


Kickstarter link

Mantic games are doing a kickstarter on a new skirmish game. Scifi and with zombies! A planet is infected with the plague and people turns into zombiemonsters with a thirst for blood. Well...I am a backer!

The apha rules are out which means anubody can be a playtester and give their views on the game control. Thus helping making it into a game for gamers made by gamers. That is pretty cool in my book! They have already made their goal and seceral stretchgoals as well. Which means loads of free stuff in the package!

So I decided to make a board so we could test the rules and get on with it. It is set up in squares meaning you will not need a measuretape when playing. Also exploding dice! If you roll an 8 (on an 8 sided dice which they use for this game) you can roll another die! It is about getting a certain number that counts as a succes often compared to how many success your opponent gets. 

 Enough talk....Here is my work so far:

Lone my girlfriend helped me make the ground for this. She is quite artistic and I love how this turned out!

These are made with Necromunda plastic bulk heads and thick card. They do ofcourse need a bit of paint. Thinking of doing the rust effect on the bulkheads like the 2 barricades also in the pictures here. They are from Ramshackle games.

Now to find some miniatures that can be used for the PLAGUE (zombiemonster) and the ENFORCERS (human special team).

6 kommentarer:

  1. Looks good. hmmm you have zombies and SWAT right?

  2. Several players at my club have already pledged for this so it's only a matter of time before I get sucked into it. I like what you have done so far. and will watch for further developments.

  3. Looking good Johnny, looking good!

  4. Really nice work on the table, I really need to try the same technique.... :)
    Excellent work my friend..

  5. Great looking set up. I love the idea of combining the Necromunda bulkheads with plasticard to make many small buildings. I need to do that myself!