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This was like living in a prison. The city. 5 years had gone by and we managed to stay alive. Rumours are plentifull about what is "outside" in the wasteland as it is known now. Zombies still roam, gangs, cannibals and mutants. So it may sound weird that Chloe and I had decided to try our luck outside of the walls. Well if you have lived under tyranny and opression then you would know what we felt!

We prepared for a long time for this. Learning survival and growing the land. Chloe managed to get hold of different seeds. I got hold of a waterpurifier. And I had access to guns. Our target was the inn that we had holed up in before coming to the city. So it was...That we set of together with a group going to another city. After we parted ways with them we were actually surprised of how peacefull it seemed. No zombies trying to jump us. No Mad Max biker gangs chasing us. Sun, good weather (that was kind of weird here in England) and our hopes were getting up.

That was when we heard the gunshots!

We had the advantage of being up on a hill. As we came closer we could see it was  what looked like 2 gangs facing of. I remembered having seen one of them when we were at the highway 5 years ago. They had taken something from an ambulance and droven of again. This time it looked like they had left their bikes behind.  Chloe spotted the zombies in the middle, it seemed they had a ....snack. Might be one of the former gangers.

So...Gangs...And zombies..... Well it was too late turning back now. But we were not getting into this fight. Let them handle it!

It seemed they were both trying to take the zombies out, but as soon as some of them had gone down they started to shoot at each other. And shooting rather poorly I might add. Just when they began moving closer to each other the gunfire had attracted several other zombies! Thankfully not near us!!

3 groups of deadheads had appeared. One of them really close to what I take to be the leader of the other gang. (That might be the Daisies) We could not warn him, being that we were too far away and also would have gotten the unwanted attention of everybody!

The gangers had trouble with their firearms. It looked like they jammed a lot! And there were now a lot more zombies coming!  A group appeared in the middle but that was taken care of rather quickly! Though the ones from behind...Still came on!

And then it became close! At the last second The Daisies noticed the problem and began blazing away! Felling all but one...That almost raced into close combat with their leader! Could not see clearly but it looked more like a brawl...When suddenly he managed to get his gun under the chin of the zombie and pulled the trigger! We decided to get away while we could. Did not want to get entangled in that mess down there.

We still heard some shots being fired for a while but they were not getting closer to us and so far we had avoided the zombies as well!! What a welcome to the wastelands!

Now this was mostly in order to test the rules and tweak them a bit to fit my needs. And they do. I use Nuclear Rennaiccanse rules but bend them a little. Instead of having the zombies as one gang I paid some points in order for them to come in during the game. They needed to pass a roll of the die and then I decided randomly where they would pop up. They need to be bigger groups in order to really be a threat. My gods I rolled poorly with shooting! Oh well...Crappy marksmen!!!!   

I had intended to play more with this but time ran out on me. I then left the table to play the next evening. Obviously one of my pugs decided he wanted to join! Lone (my girl) told me that he had jumped up on one of the chairs and then proceeded to knock the miniatures and terrain about! Not chewing on anything just making a bit of a mess!!!

I was one of the playtesters for Nuclear Ren. and yet I still needed to check up on some of the rules. It is a fun game and gives you a bit more freedom in the games. Rules for riding a bike, car, ramming your car into another car or another person...Yes those rules are covered as well!

This was a good start to this next part of my Gravesend zombie campaign.

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  1. Sounds good, test games are great helps you re-learn the rules plus iron out any wrinkles to. Great batrep, really looking forward to the start of the campaign proper.

  2. Good weather? In England? Bang goes my suspension of disbelief lol

    Only kidding. Great report Johnnie. Good to see the zombs from Gravesend back in action.

  3. Nice report Johnny, look forward to more.

  4. Whether you planned it or not, it's a nice twist to have the main characters merely observing a big fight from a distance!

    We're always very careful to push chairs under the table to prevent our dog from climbing up. He's only after food though, not wanting to play with my toys!

  5. Nice batrep! I look forward to the rest of your campaign, Johnny.

  6. Good weather in England. That's truly the end of the world.

  7. Good start to the new venture.

  8. Nice Batrep as always, looking forward to read about the new adventure.

    PS: Yesterday I've finally received the clix I'll use for "youknowwhat"... ;)