søndag den 7. april 2013

Oh look! Zombies!

As you know I do play other games without zombies, but zombies are close to my heart! (Brain?) Thus it was that I brought along my Zombiecide game to a day of beer,mead and games with a couple of really good friends! And we actually won the game! I really need to paint more of the zombiecide zombies, it really looks that much better!

I am in the corner wearing red. Good gaming, good food and good friends! That resulted in me getting home at 5 the next morning!

I finally got hold of RedBoxGames zombies. Really like the twisted feel of these. So far just a single base colour and start of the flesh. Just wanted to show them of now. I also got some of the chaosknights. Not the best of casting as some of the shields are paperthin, weaponsprue neds a lot of cleaning and some models have bubbles. Oh well...Zombies were good!

There is a necromancer as well amongst these zombies. Right now he blends in with the rest. Not to worry as I plan some osl on his crystalball that he cradles in front of him. That will surely mark him out.

Some stuff from Ramshackle games that I have been working on. For use in my Post Apocalyptic games as well as my chaos armies of warhammer 40.000. Really looking forward to using these!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Love the smurf picture .....so cool it rocks, looks like you fellas had lots of fun.

  2. Zombie Smurfs. That has made my day. The minis re outstanding too.

  3. It's not easy for the survivors to win at Zombicide, so well done to you and your mates. I'm busy painting more Zombicide zombies. Who wants to play with unpainted figures?

    The Red Box Games zombies are very impressive and I hope you post pics of them when you finish painting them.

  4. Good fun then m'lord! The red box zombies look nice mini's look forward to seeing them finished . The Walkers are coming along nicely.

  5. 5am! Doesn't the time fly when you've got a good game goin?
    Loving those zombies, can't wait to see them fimished

  6. Sounds like a good game indeed! Mind you, the picture full of zombie Smurfs is somewhat disturbing...

  7. 5am ? yep, I've had games evenings like that too,you won and enjoyed too,so it was obviously worth the effort.
    Zombies look like they're going to be excellent.
    I'm looking forward to more of your PA progress.

    BTW Some of us didn't you good self pointing out as we have the LS badge !

  8. How neat. I must get a look at some of those red box figures.