fredag den 29. marts 2013

Zombie head beermugs and icecups!

What is not to like about this? They will make these as icecream cups as shown above here but also as beermugs. The beermugs will hold about 1 1/2 beer in them. And the icecream cups can ofcourse hold your peanuts instead. 

And the brainshaped candles, stickers, fridgemagnets, t-shirts......

Now then...I like zombies. This was a nobrainer for me to get stuck into!  They are simply great! I really like the cartoony expression on the mugs. There is an option to buy one you can paint yourself. Pretty tempted by that one too. This is a great idea in my opinion and that is why I back this project. Being a nerd and loving zombie movies, zombie games and zombie miniatures this is a must have for me.

The zombie aspect, the zombie apocalypse is riding on a big wave at the moment. Land of the walking dead tv series. It has been more acceptable now to say "I like zombies!" Though some will still reach for a gun when you say that in public. More games have arrived with zombies in them. Computer games as well as board games. This is a golden era for zombie genre lovers.

And I am loving it!

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