lørdag den 20. april 2013

New survivors

Through a friend of mine I got hold of these Necromunda Orlocks. When the game first came out I was a fierce Orlock! Sadly I sold my guys when new games appeared. Quite happy to get hold of these guys again. Though they look decent the paint is chipped in several places. They will need to be stripped and repainted. They may bcome members of BBC or The Daysies? Who knows? They are great models that will serve as survivors in the zombie apocalypse for sure!

I think I might do another battle report. Been a while. But the crew will be located forwards in time. A bit more post apocalyptic. Not plain desert and rocks! But some 10 years after power went out. Now that could be interresting. 

We had a bit of a rumble in my club. A game of warhammer 40.000 with 5000 points on each side. I took my Spacemarine chapter and teamed up with Dark Angels and Dark Eldar against Orkses. Fun game though my side lost the mission.

Part of my Spacemarine force.

And here is an aerial view of the gaming table. 
There are still elements held in reserve at this point.

And my two adorable lazy pugs!!!! 
Have a nice weekend and take care!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Looked like a fun game. Loved the classic Necromunda figures. I sold mine the same :(

  2. The game and pugs look adorable....well more so the pugs!

  3. Thats a very impressive battlefield. Nice pugs too.
    I am interested to see how your futuristic zombie apocalypse works out.