mandag den 4. februar 2013

Happy Birthday George

George A. Romero. Born 4th of February 1940. And a big thank you for what you have given us in movies. And what better way to say thank you than to reveal my little diorama!

Simple rules, had to have zombies, must be no larger than a cd disc. At least 2 miniatures. Some great entries have arrived. And now finally....So has mine! The first picture below here is my inspiration.

And this is my entry "YOU ARE ALL ON THE NAUGHTY LIST!"

I tried to keep it simple yet still be able to tell a story. And I like the way it turned out in the end. Looking in the backmirror.....I am not entering a contest within the month of December again!

In other news, The ZOMBICIDE zeds are coming along. So far 10 has been painted. And the survivors (9) are just about done as well.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Well worth the wait,
    I love it! Santa shooting zombie children, just brilliant mate!

  2. Superb job m'lord!! Love it the floor is ace and had the deadline not been moved would of been very fitting!!

  3. Happy Birthday George! Nice dio too!

  4. If it wasn't for George I wouldn't be so fascinated with zombies.

    Really cool diorama!

  5. Great diorama, it would get my vote.