søndag den 10. februar 2013

Zombies....In wh40k

We have begun a campaign in my local club. Warhammer 40.000 kill team. That means special lists, injury chart for those that got taken out during the game, reinforcements and an army MUCH smaller than the standard game of Warhammer 40k. 

Now mind you that they are not fully painted yet. But enough to table standard. Stil some detailing and highligts to be done on most of them. The other players are ; The Inquisition, Dark Eldar,Eldar, Tyranid, Blood Angels so far. And then ofcourse my happy little warband of chaos marines dedicatde mostly to Nurgle.

My champion of chaos named GRAVATUS. The miniature is from Hitech Miniatures . I did a bit of modification on him. Where you see the faces on his shoulders there were supposed to be spikes. The faces here are from Mantic Games. Clad in terminator armour for better protection and blessing of Nurgle he is ready to reap the souls!

My special choice the obliterator named MACTABILIS. Again this miniature is from Hitech Miniatures . Able to change his weaponry each turn and clad in good protection he will be very hard to get rid of as well as being able to put the hurt on anybody!

These plague marines should have been special options but since my champion/leader has the mark of nurgle they are core choise. Meaning I can take more of them. First one DOLENS has exchanged his boltgun for a meltagun. Last game he took out an eldar leader with this gun! Next is CARIOSUS which is an old metal miniature. And lastly ICTUS an old plastic plaguemarine.

My core choise are the cultist squad PRODITORS. Nurgle being the god of death and sickness it would be rather fitting having my cultists as zombies. And for that extra insult...Zombies from other armies hehe. From left to right: Imperial guard, Tau, Dark Eldar, Dark Angel and Blood Angel. I have more on the workbench including Orks, Eldar and more Imperial guard.

I won my first game last tuesday with these guys. We deployed in each a corner as we went 4 players against each other. I had an Eldar to my left, Dark Eldar to my right and the Inquisition in the opposite corner. Through the game I never shot or was shot at from the Inquisition. Really fun game and my obliterator took so much fire!!! He finally succumbed to the weight of fire but Nurgle watched over him and in the injury phase it turned out to be nothing. Ready for the next game!

I got some points after the game to spend on reinforcements. I think I may add a spawn of chaos! Good toughness, cause fear, random attacks. Mwahahahahaha!!!!!

In other news Joe/Zabbadak should be keeping an eye on the mailbox as I have just send him a little something.

Happy wargaming outthere and remember...
Headshots count in every game!!!

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  1. That's a very impressive looking kill team. Congrats on the win, Johnny.

  2. HE HE great looking force love the cultists errr victims of Papa Nurgle favours

  3. They look like a really bad-ass bunch and even though I don't follow 40K I can ges they'd be great to play with.

    (Thanks again, I'll be watching the post this week)