onsdag den 30. januar 2013


Not much to show on the hobby front. So now a warning.....This post will contain some of my mad ramblings!!!! MWAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

So zombies....How about them? What is it with the "original" zombie craving brains? Everytime somebody mimics a zombie they will stretch their arms out and in a deep voice say BRAAAAIIINNNSS!!! ANd yet the movies nowadays you see them crave the flesh of the living, not just the brain part. That....Has got me thinking more than once.

I made a little roleplay oneshot. People should just show up, I had their characters ready and the story. They thought they were fighting another group in the city. Then the zombies came.... I had mine going for warmth. As they were dead, the blood had stopped pumping around their body, thus they cooled down. Cold dead people. They wanted to return to the living on a basic level. So first of they needed to get warm again. And they needed blood in their veins. Nom nom humans! Took some time before my group of gamers realised this fact. Then they made molotov cocktails! Must admit I did not see that one coming, but I allowed it to work as it was damn funny too!

And seeing that most zombies heart does not function, thus no circulation of blood, how do thir brain function? There has to be some sparks going on even for the primitive functions as walking. And why the hel do they use their lungs? Moaning or screaming. Why? They need not air anymore!!!

In some movies they totally ignore animals. In others they go for whatever is moving. And why do they not attack eachother?! How do they tell the difference? Bodyheat? Need to be close for that.

Okay....I know that this is fiction, each storyteller has his angle on what zombies are. From the ones we met in Romero`s early works. The shamblers, the scary ones that just keep on coming and seemingly without number! To fast zeds, zombies that can run! HOLY SHIT! Not to mention the smart zombies when they start using weapons, can open doors....

How to survive them? So many scenarioes but again that really depends on which type of zombie we are dealing with. "I will get on a boat and hide on an island, zombies can not swim!" Okay...Why not? They can walk, when he was alive, he could swim then what should stop him as a zombie? They do not need to breathe so they can walk on the bottom of the ocean untill they reach shallow water. Your island! Or they start to bloat with gasses as they lie in the water, thus they resurface and the currents and winds will send these groups of bloated zombies towards.....Yes...Your island! HAVE FUN! Oh....And if a bird have been picking on a zombie it may have the virus, fly out to your island and shit in your coffee!

Well that took an unpleasant turn..... I did warn you...Sometimes my madness bubbles over. I reaaaally am trying to control myself as I write this. We each have different takes on this. And we should! We are individuals that are able to think, not mindless zombies....YET!

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  1. He He funny pic with all those Pooh bears bit freaky to be honest.

  2. The animal thing in zombie movies always bothered me, some change, some attack, some can't be bothered.....

  3. The whole Zombies wanting brains is thanks to Return of the Living Dead. The original Romero Zombies wanted the flesh of the living.

  4. lol i love that first pic, some intesting points you made

  5. You should read Patrick Leis' Necrodemic-series(Requiem, Pax Immortalis, Psykonauten <2, Necrodemic and the two Camp41-book). Hi's zombies are basically the Romero-type, but he gives good explanations on how they work and all that...

  6. Good article, Johnny. The point you make in your last paragraph is the best of all. Yes, we are individuals with our own points of view. That's how it should be.

  7. I'm lucky, I don't drink Coffee!

  8. Good article! As for the island scenario, underwater currents (and sea scavengers) might not allow a zombie to 1 Zombie See Island 2. Zombie walk into water pointed at Island 3. Zombie walks across to Island. As they'd be pushed and pulled all over the place. Now, that doesn't mean the odd zombie might inadvertantly get washed up on the island. In fact, unless zombies have a specific aversion to water (never likely IMO) it would be certain to happen at least occasionally. ;)

    Keeps those island survivors on their toes!


  9. I can't remember what movie it was, but the zombies did walk underwater to get to a boat or something. It was really cool as it was the first time I have seen that and contemplated it being possible :)

    Also...the Winnie the Pooh hoard is hilarious lol!!

  10. Great food for thought and like everyone else my take on zombies will be different also.
    There must be a depth where skulls will be crushed by water pressure and hence (in my fictional apocalypse) zombies couldn't survive.
    A Winnie-the-Pooh convention when the apocalypse strikes though, now that's a novel idea.