mandag den 21. januar 2013

And the winner is......

JOE! Also know as Zabadak Click his name here and you will go to his blog. It is well worth the visit! I am currently making a goodiebag for him ready to be sent his way. You need to keep an eye out for his blog to see what he gets. Hehe....

The right answers were:
1-Forest Gump
3-Evil Dead

Thank you for participating. I took the names of those with the correct answers and drew from a bag.

I have not much progress to show, my diorama is done but will be shown later. Work in progress of my zombie cultists for Warhammer 40.000. 3 Dark Eldar, 2 Eldar, 1 Tau, 2 Space Marines and 10 Imperial guard are converted and getting painted. On my desk are 2 orks in the process of being zombified.

This could go for a good add!!!! Love this one!!! Could be fun to make a sign and put it on one of my buildings in the city of Gravesend!

And some news from the real world....I am getting old! Went out bowling with my workcollegeauges and had a drink or 2...10 Maybe.....Okay a bit more....Sigh ...I lost count.... Well what I am trying to say is, 2 days after and my body is still pretty busted!!! It was quite fun though. I need to get my body in better shape this year....Remember first rule...CARDIO!

7 kommentarer:

  1. Nice one Johnny and well done to Joe!

  2. You should really utilise that signon a building.
    Looking forward to seeing the diorama and thanks for holding the competition.

  3. Ahh my friend I was there a fortnight ago. I'm only just begining to walk without a limp. A good night was had also, but the terrible earache off both Mrs PZ and Mum PZ I wonder if it was worth it? Youth is surely wasted on the young.

  4. Well done to Joe. A worthy winner.

  5. Congrats Zabadak, good work Johnny