søndag den 13. januar 2013

The zombies fight back!

Zombie with a chainsaw from Reaper miniatures, like the zombies were not scary by themself! I had this paintd up within a 2 hour span. Not much clean up to do on him and I felt inspired. I quite like the result.

As we play kill team in the club I am currently redoing some of my 40k zombies. Kill team is a skirmish game of warhammer 40k. I mostly play chaos, both undivided and Nurgle. Had a game last tuesday which I lost on the mission. Still a fun game! I can not win all the time, would be pretty boring if you ask me. ANd it would make the victories quite bland...

 Still paint in progress. These miniatures are from Hitech miniatures and are quite awesome if you ask me! The guy on the right has been converted a little bit. On his shoulderplates I have put faces instead of the spikes Not much you can see here but will post a picturewhen he is fully painted.
Oh damn.....Wobbly and out of focus! Oh well...Converted some dark eldar and eldar with some Mantic zombie bits to make some Nurgle cultist.

Will finaly try out my Zombiecide this coming tuesday. Pretty excited to see how it goes. And no, the miniatures are not fully painted from that box yet! Damn there is a lot of zombies!!!!

Oh and for those that missed it, I am running a competition. My last blog entry is about that. So if you want to win some goodies...Go to it and answer the questions!

5 kommentarer:

  1. I love the zombie with the chainsaw, Johnny. Funnily enough, I have him on my painting desk getting a lick of paint right now

  2. Smart zombie doesn't even begin to describe him! Very cool looking zombie indeed!
    I'm also liking what you've got goin with the converted Eldar!

  3. Like the Eldar zombies a neat idea! The Chainsaw Zombie is awesome!! Nice Nurgle Terminator/Obliterator proxies.

  4. Zombie with a chainsaw, oh dear, let's just stack the odds against our survivors even more eh ? - Great figure.

  5. I love that saw zed, i have 2 of them, i used them in my 40k zed mod a few years back