søndag den 6. januar 2013

Competition time!!!!

Over 100 followers. More than 20.000 hits!!! I must be doing something right! I started this blog in order to keep my own interrest going. Well it has grown somewhat since then... In some way or another I have had an interrest in zombies. Gaming since about 1988 and my first army was an undead army for fantasy. Lots of zombies!  It has always pulled me in though I several times have tried other paths. I am not trying to fight it anymore....Now I embrace it.

This is on my workbench at the moment:

Studio Miniatures plastic zombies. Zombiecide miniatures. And lastly my plague marines. Several other miniatures are fighting for my attention but these are top seated at the moment. Have yet to play zombiecide though.....

You will get to see more of these but for now....
Competion time!!!

As shown above I am sure you will get the movie reference to LORD OF THE RINGS. I will show you 3 more pictures and you must give me the movie names. Send them to me at lordsiwoc@gmail.com and please write COMPETITION in the subject. Sunday the 20th of January I will randomly find the winner of those with the correct answers. What can you win? That will be shown as the winner is announced.

Thank you for following and supporting the madness. It almost makes me sane.....

5 kommentarer:

  1. Oh now thats way easier than rock stars!

    And please don't show the marines anymore, every 2 months or so, I get a horrible itch to start a WH army of soul drinkers...good thing prices let me resist easier than all the other great ideas! :D

  2. I think Fran was trying to be funny??? Poor lad!

  3. Very cool seeing the work bench, that is always fun. NIce looking job on the Studio Zeds so far.

    I'll send a long a guess now too.

  4. Good looking z's from Studio and Zombicide (a game I'd love to have a go at).