tirsdag den 1. januar 2013

New year, new gun and more zombies!

Yes! I survived yet another year! And what a year it has been, now it is time to look forward and make ready to shape the new year. It is what you make it to be. If you want it to be great...Then make it great! I certaintly plan to do so!!

Now then for the picture. In my left hand some may recognize the box from Studio miniatures. It is their new plastic sculpts. Through an Indiegogo campaign they raised money to get this started, and with the stretch goals (when going over their target) I got some resin heads and metal survivors from their fantastic range as well!

In my right hand is a Nerf gun. Some of my followers will surely remember that I took part in a live event called Humans VS zombies and with added roleplay. Nerf guns was used there. This particular gun was given to me from a secret santa. My gift to another person has been sent as well. I hope he likes his present as much as I like mine!

The t-shirt..... A kickstarter campaign for a zombiegame called Zombiecide. It got sent back from customs and I had to pay postage and fight another round with customs before this was finally mine!!! About 97 zombies to start of with together with 7 survivvors. And more to come as they make them. Glow in the dark dice, t-shirt and simply awesomeness! More will come on this later here on my blog.

I was quite surprised to find a package from the wonderful Mathyoo . He made a mini Lord Siwoc based on my character from the HVZ event complete with nerfgun and my zombie t-shirt (on backwards hehe) This is sooooo great! One of the reason I love this zombie blogging. I have "met" some really great people. And we really help eachother out. Mathyoo needed some dice at one time, so I sent him some of mine. I have recently send a small package to Rogzombie. And the list of help back and forth could go on....Advice on painting, modelling, gaming ideas.....

So I think it is about time for a GIVE AWAY! Next blog entry from me will give you the rules to it so stay tuned. 2013 will be a fantastic year and I will do my part to make this happen!!!

11 kommentarer:

  1. Got off to a good start. Hope it all keeps up to the same standard!

  2. I LOVE our zombie community! Your post really brought a smile to my face, Johnny.

    I wish you all the best for 2013. my friend.

  3. What a great start to the New Year that is a really characterful mini from Mathyoo :D Top Banana!

  4. Happy new year, happy new gun and happy zombies :D

  5. Eh, I was sure it was painted better than it looks here, heh.

    And no problem I have to practice my sculpting/converting skills somewhere!
    It has been converted from the first mini on the left here:

    Also, one more time, I wish you and Lone a happy new year!

  6. Brilliant. Are you going to send some my way? haha.

    No seriously, we should do a zombie meet up in Copenhagen sometime 2013. I just painted a load of zombies and there are more guys getting into it here too.

    Cheers and best of 2013!

  7. Haahha pure awesomeness, well done all involved and Johnny I hope this year is top of the pops for you mate, I look forward to all the ace posts you will bring us.

  8. Happy New Year Johnny, boys and their toys!!!

  9. Great looking mini-you, Happy New Year LS

  10. Happy new year!! I so need to get a nerf gun... I have a crossbow though!

    Cool conversion by Mathyoo! :D