søndag den 11. november 2012

The lights went out

Last sunday we cut the power...Mostly. No computer, no tv, no radio, no electrical lights and no oven. I thought the lack of Facebook, forums and painting guides on youtube would be the greatest loss for my girlfriend. As darkness fell it was actually the light that was the biggest loss! For the both of us.

If there were zombies in the streets I have a plan for what to do. The windows would have a sheet of this see through mirror thing. No idea what the name is in english. You can see through it from the inside but not from outside and in. Thus we could get natural light in. At night a dark blanket would make sure our light from the inside would not get out.

Firstly we needed some supplies and I was getting ready for a raid. The plan was that I was going to our local supermarket, pick something and make Lone (my girlfriend) roll a dice to see if it was available. She did not know what was a good roll. I meant to do a little battle report using ALL THINGS ZOMBIE rules but decided for a bit more...Realistic touch. So we downloaded ZOMBIE ESCAPE. GPS controlled, you are the blue dot on the map and the red ones which moves around are zombies. Do not get too close. That was actually fun! Evading them by changing my route all the time and standing around waiting for 5 minutes in order for a big group to pass in order for me to get in.

Toothbrushes, canned food, candles, beer and an energy soda was the outcome. Good run! AND I survived makes it even better! Well that was the first point of order on the day. Next a cup of coffee. We had one burner to use. 
What to do when you can not use  the computer? LEGO! We made it a challenge, it had to be on one of the big base sized tiles from LEGO, from there on..Anything goes! We did not have a time limit. And I must add that we both enjoyed this really much!
 The results! A castle to the left and a boat on the right.
 After dinner Lone wanted to be a bit creative, which is hard in the light of candles. I then remembered I had a head lamp. It actually provided the light she needed!

How it looked in the candle light. It did not take that long to adjust to this light.

If you are able then I encourage you to try this. Just to make you feel what it would be like without power! Actually try to have a day with tv, radio and computers turned of. We talked a lot and really had a great time. I am pretty thankfull that we are still on the grid though. Or else communication with a lot of fantastic people around the world for me would be cut of. And the news updates, and all the other stuff that steals my time!!!! Seriously....Take just one day and turn the computer of.... You will be amazed about what is around you. You will notice a lot of things that you knew were there but have not payed any attention to.

This is Lord Siwoc signing of for now. Take care out there, keep surviving, keep helping those around you and do remember: Enjoy the small things!

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  1. Phew! I'm so glad that you and Lone survived. I live with my mum and I know that she wouldn't approve of me trying out your experiment. Perhaps I should give it a go when she goes away on holiday.

  2. That's quite cool, we sometimes go through this as we have a electricity meter that requires topping up!

  3. Very cool! What did you do about regrigerators? I assume those weren't turned off? Gotta convince my wife to try this. ;)


  4. Cheers guys!
    The fridge was still running but we were not allowed to use it.
    Mobile phones were also open but we would only use it if anybody called us. (Should there really be something important)

    Now...I used the mobile phone for the zombie escape. And must admit I took some milk to my coffee. Only as I poured it I realized it was a NONO! But we let that one go...

  5. Great idea, glad you had fun. Lego FTW

  6. A nice idea Johnny.. Happy you had fun. :)