onsdag den 31. oktober 2012

What if....

Sandy has hit, electricity is out. You have weathered the storm...Now what? My thoughts to those who got affected by the storm. And hope they will soon get back on their feet! About 8 million lost power and this got me thinking back to earlier thoughts. Are you ready if power goes out? 

Well this sunday I will try it out. Sure it is only for a day and there will be some special restrictions. I will ofcourse mix zombies in this as well hehe. And the best part of it...My girlfriend is in on the idea! So this sunday will be power out for us and zombies in the street!!!

This is how: No computer, no electrical lights, no tv. Our fridge will still be running but we are not allowed to take anything from it. My heating for my lizards will also run.   We will have water and we will have one burner to heat things on.  The mention that I made rules for me to scavenge stuff was cool by my girlfriend, untill I mentioned cigarettes. " You are better of outside with the zombies then!" Ookay.... Let`s say we have stocked up on some of those then....

In reality I will go up to our supermarket, choose something and have Lone roll a dice. The result will affect whether or not I am able to get this item. She will not be aware of the table I will use for this and I will not tell her what the item is that she is rolling for.

The trip up to the store and back will be played using ATZ rules as a basis. To represent me trying to scavenge things.
Rep 4, star, brawler.
Equipment: Shovel, backpack,flashlight, hammer, ducttape, 2 kinds of screwdrivers and a knife.

Lone will be:
Rep 3, star, vanilla.
Equipment: Baseballbat, backpack, flashlight, knife, cigarettes and matches.

We have batteries, flashlights, candles, lighters and a lot of matchsticks. We also have 2 dogs and we are pretty stocked up on dried dogfood. (Not the first thing that looters will take).

I will write it up as were it real. Not exactly like my dear diary but close. And more real!

Hit the switch and wish us luck!

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  1. Sounds good mate. Look forward to it :D

  2. I am always surprised by how America works or doesn't. In the UK I have never known the power be out for more than a few days at most. It might take ten days to get the power to a few farmers in the the middle of nowhere but not in the centre of a city. I might have to eat my words one day so I will say no more. Even when I have been caught out by floods (Whitehaven a few years ago washed out half a town and few bridges and it really is in the middle of nowhere) the power was back in a day unless they decided to keep it off for safety reasons. Even with FEMA the US seems to have major troubles dealing with problems.

    From what I have seen on the net and the news the biggest problems seem to be getting access to the net and charging up cell phones. The biggest long term problem will probably be the heart disease caused by the serving of cheeseburgers at the shelters.

    The world ends not with a bang but with a whine. :-)

  3. Hmmm, intersting! I'm looking forward to seeing how you and Lone survive. Best of luck to you both.

  4. Sounds like fun LS, here's hoping we hear the results. Who is going to bethe z's?

  5. Looking forward to the write-up!

  6. Go for it my lord. Excitung or what!

  7. Sounds fun... I think... Wait... no computers?!