søndag den 18. november 2012

Lazy sunday...Well lazy week!

A bit like this. Now I have been at work but hobbywise it has been slow. I am just so damned tired at the moment! Think I need to check up on some vitamins. That can not hurt... I have managed to make some objective markers for warhammer 40k. When they have been properly painted (In progress) I will post them up. The zombie hospital is progressing...At a crawling pace...

Oh and I have been magnetizing some arms on a miniature. Managed to superglue one of the magnets onto my finger. Ans as I reached out to get something a new hobbyblade, lying on my workstation, swooped up onto the magnet! I felt a bit like Magneto!!!

The mead is still brewing. Nothing new there.... My girlfriend is making the label for it. I just hope the mead turns out good. Should be about a month before I will know!!!

Sometimes I really feel old. I am from a generation that can say yes to all of the below listed:
When food was ready my mom would yell out of the door and not send a sms.
I rode my bike without a helmet on.
I played outside.
I have played a lot of boardgames (and still do)
I was exited to get LEGO for christmas.
I have had my lot of cuts and bruises as a child. (Due to playing outside)
I found out that Earth is Krypton. (Well that is my excuse for not being able to fly when I jumped from the roof of the toolshed!)
I know what a floppy disc is.
I know what you would use a pencil for when you have casettes. (Tapes)
I have eaten dirt and not died.

Hope everybody is okay out there. 

8 kommentarer:

  1. I think kids are still excited to get LEGO for Christmas. At least they better be, since LEGO now requires you to take out a second mortgage to afford any set of significant size.

  2. Hah, by those standards, Im old and I am about the youngest of the bunch here! :D

    As for the LEGOs...so much nice memories there...but I agree, new kits got even more expensive than they already were. And I got 10 years younger brother and newer kits are all very cinematic, mostly being from movies, but there is next to no modeling involved now, which was the best part of LEGOs.

    1. I'm with you there! I'm still in my 20s and I remember all those things too!

  3. Kids today haven't got a chance, and that last pic makes me feel old!!

  4. I remember doing all those things. The good ol days! Although I can think of a couple of times a mobile phone would have been useful, but I think technology has made people inpatient. I mean, I used to play computer games all day, and be ok with the loading times. Now loading times are quicker, but I get impatient with them lol So I check facebook or something on my ipod to "fill the void" lol

  5. I can remember inheriting a great big box of lego from my cousins. Great fun ever great times indeed.

  6. I have no hope, all the things you mention making you field old apply to my children !

  7. Hope you don't mind mate I've nominated you for a Liebster award.