søndag den 21. oktober 2012

And a victory!

The teacups took their first victory in warhammer 40.000 6th edition! A good sign of things to come. As I did not have infantry enough, I decided to call for the tanks! THAT was the winning part! My scatter dice mostly rolled HIT unless it was for my orbital bombardement. (Not taking that little guy again!)

Captain Quinton kept his men together with orders flying all over the place! Even as his command transport blew up! Ltn Roussel held his end of the line even as he faced stormboyz, a dakkajet and killa kans!!! Well done chaps! On the ork side a special mention has to be made about his warlord. He was really hard to finish of! He hid in a ruin, had stealth, went to ground and his warlord trait gave him an extra bonus. Cover save of 2+!!! I had everything shooting at him! Even took out the dakkajet which fell directly onto his head, he just shook it of!

Here are some of the pictures from the battle in order for you to get a little feel of it. Awesome game and a big thanks to my opponent Daniel. Click on the pictures to get them in a bigger size.

My imperial guard getting ready for battle

 The filthy orks
Hold the line men!
 And then they rushed in! That is a lot of stormboyz!
 First rank fire! Second rank fire!
 Add to that a Leman Russ tank hitting smack in the middle, it thinned out a bit!
 The dakkajet took out an entire squad in one turn of shooting!
Say hello to my little friend...Punisher gatling cannon!

Now I have the rulebook and the chaos codex. So I think it is time to make some plague zombies as cultists for my chaos marines! And painting more medical staff for the coming hospital in Gravesend, and working on my entry at the forum, and playing some Dreadball...And the list as always just keep on going!!!!!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Great pics and AAR. Sounds like your Captain comes from a long lineage of heroes :D

  2. Johnny, I'm pleased that you won. No-one who fields an unpainted army should ever be allowed to win. Shame on your opponent!

  3. I'm pleased my namesake Ltn Roussel played held his line and played a big part in the game!

  4. First in a long series of Victory!! Woot!

  5. Dakkajets are just 'orrible. Well done on the win Lord Siwoc.