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Dear diary..The highway

It was a bit creepy walking on the highway. A lot of abandoned cars but no humans. There were the odd zombie as we walked along but mostly we just tried to sneak by. Most cars were empty. One of them had a zombie inside who could not get out. Nearly crapped myself as it popped up against the window!!

 We came upon some "untouched" cars. Doors were locked. Did not take Ross that long to open some of them. And now we knew there could be deadheads in them! I took out one with the car door, it is weird how their heads turns to overripe melons when they zombify. GROSS! It seemed like there had been an accident involving two cars. Both were burned out. As I searched a big red truck I managed to find a medkit! And Chloe found some ammo for my pistol in a Jaguar. Wonder what happened to the owner of that. Could be the lady we found lying just outside. Clothes would match that lifestyle.

As we aproached the burned cars disaster struck! 2 deadheads jumped Ross who went down! Chloe took one side and I the other and took them out. Ross was still breathing but he was out cold and bleeding from a headwound.  Oh great.....Well we need to keep a vigilant eye on him now. I want him to survive but I am afraid of the possibility that he has been infected!

One of the cars showed signs of bulletholes in the side of it!  Not sure what to make of this. The body outside was not burned. Yet it seemed the deadheads had made lunch out of him. Chloe watched my back during this as I checked some of the cars. Suddenly we were both aware of a growling noice. 3 motorbikes coming this way! Just to be on the safe side we ducked away. The bikes stopped around the ambulance, while two of the bikers kept a lookout the 3rd went inside. It was only as one of them climbed atop the ambulance I noticed him to belong to The BBC. The Bacon Butty Choppers. One of the biker gangs. Seems he found what he was looking for and they took of again. Thankfully their departing noice made the rest of the zombies follow them.


We checked the ambulance but it was completely empty. Not even the stretcher? Chloe noticed a man lying under the police car. I made sure to  check if he was alive. But he was dead, and not going zombie. I pulled him out and we could easily see how he had died. Multiple gunwounds. I have a dark feeling that there are loads of stuff happening around us that we are not aware of. At the same time I hope we can stay clear of most of these troubles. Ross is coming to again. Seemed he just hit his head as the weight of the deadheads forced him down. 

Come to Gravesend they said, quiet little place, nothing ever happens there they said!!!

Afterthoughts. Only one encounter as I this time played it with the rules right! It was a black chopper drawing some of the zombies away. I rewrote this to be the bikers coming by. Good way to introduce them without getting into a gunfight with them.

Ross actually went out of action! I rolled for him after the scenario and he made it clear. Phew... 

4 bloggers or forum users have made their precence in this battle report. A theme I hope to be able to continue. And....Look closely!

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  1. Great AAR, Nice to see Brum making an appearance. But who is that guy watching you from by the truck?

    1. Cheers Simon!

      The guy watching? Oh my back must have been turned ... ;-)

  2. Cool batrep, Johnny. I think I can spot three of your four references to fellow bloggers but the one I'm missing is Brummie, who must be hidden somewhere if Simon has spotted him.
    I think the person hidden at the back of the truck in the last picture is Mathyoo.
    The advert on the side of that truck refers to Lead Legion.
    The number plate on the back of the wrecked car in picture 4 says Gnotta.
    Now it's bugging the hell out of me not being able to find Brummie!

    1. Cheers Bryan.

      To help out a bit, Mathyoo is NOT in.
      The advert on the truck is correct and so is the burned out car.
      Dexter is the one who helped me with the british ambulance which is quite important in this bat rep. (Also other cars in the bat rep)

      As for Brum/Brummie.... See the guy standing on the ambulance? Brummie won the chance to name one of the gangs in Gravesend. This is their president!

  3. A great report my friend, I really like the way your story is coming out....
    I love that car!!! :)

  4. Good report LS, I love that a simple piece of terrain can give such a good scenario.

  5. Nice one mate, short, sharp and filled with tension.

  6. Cool BatRep! I need to get my survivors out on the road myself. Dexter's wrecked cars will feature in my next Batrep, but only as a pileup on the intersection....and an ambulance nearby to help; but nobody within. ;)

    Zombie Chow

  7. Great battle report, I like the story and how you make the photos.