søndag den 30. september 2012

As the week went by...

Could be cool to have the ghostbusters as zombiebuters!!  But back to the current week and its projects! As you may remember I started a little project about brewing my own mead. Now it has finally started as I found all I needed for it. Some herbs were a pain for me to find, now I have a small stash of them!  Right now my home smells of honey, everywhere! Which is not bad, bacon would be better.

And as many of you gamers and collectors outthere know, I have always more than one project going! Several infact. But I like it this way, it keeps me from getting fed up with something. My Praetorian guard project got a go! Now I have about 500 points ready for a skirmish battle. And ready to boost it with another tank, 3 sentinels and an HQ choice. Should be around 400 points there, add to that a veteran unit extra and it makes a total of 1000 points. And still more stuff ready to add. But one step at a time!

Next up is a little nice find. It has 4 rows of 6 containers each. A miniature is shown for scale questions. That should help me sorting a lot of my bits! And the next picture is a diecast ATW I found cheap in a toystore. Maybe for my bikergang the Daisies? And Next to it the rare zombie KEN from Fantasy partizan. Thanks to Brummie for giving me a heads up on this!!

And then what? Well...Mantic games have a new game out. They made a kickstarter of it to peak interrest. That seemed to work just nicely! DREADBALL. Nothing at all like Bloodbowl!!! It is in the future. It has robots, aliens and 6 goals in total on the pitch! No halftime! When a goal has been scored you just keep the play going from where you are!  I really like it. Yup...That is another project coming my way!!!

7 kommentarer:

  1. I love the quad bike! As for the zombie gentleman, what can I say but colour me jealous!

  2. Lots going on there mate. Your welcome Johnny glad you managed to get Ken this time!. Look forward to seeing more on the mead project. Those containers will certainly come in handy

  3. As delicous as bacon is, I'd prefer my place to smell of honey.
    Nice lookined (side)project on the go you have there. Cool find on the contairs and quad.

    And you have a zed that Bryan does not? Is this possible?

  4. So many projects, so little time - I know the feeling.

  5. Love the quad bike, I'm sure the gang will find a use for that!

  6. Zombiebuster!! Quad! Beacon!!

    Project are never too much!