søndag den 9. september 2012

All acording to the plan....

Well mostly to plan. For the mead project, the honey has been bought. The big glass container has been cleaned but I still need some bits in order to proceed. No pics of this as there was nothing interresting to watch really...

Bloodbowl. Took on a Lizardman team and promtly lost 1-3. Norse really ca not pass a ball. Need to be better at guarding my guys. Still a good game though. I will not be able to play this Tuesday unfortunately.

This is due to me taking a 2 day trip to London for inspiration. As some of you may know, I sell mens wear for a living. Actually it is my work that is paying me to go on this trip. Pretty cool. It will be a tight schedule as we will have a lot of shops and places to visit. We will be about 14 people going. Really looking forward to this!

The picture above is a try out for my next battle report. Those of you following will remember that we are about to go for a walk on the highway in order to get to the hospital. And yes...I have already spotted the mistake. The british drive in the left side of the road. I do not wish to argue which side is the best side to drive in. But like I say about rules :" I do not care which one we choose, as long as we use the same set of rules!"

A short post this time but to finish of, a little ad for the game of WRECKAGE. Go to their kickstarter and be a backer. Great miniatures!! Follow this link: Wreckage kiskstarter . We are on the last days here.....

6 kommentarer:

  1. Hard luck with the BB game, but Lizardmen are one of the best teams in the game, I don't care what anyone else says. Looking forward to that next battle report as well. Have fun in London.

  2. aww bad luck with the game. Perhaps the traffic was diverted down the opposite lane to avoid the crashed petrol tanker then it all kicked off!

  3. Looking forward to the bat-rep and remember the only good thing to come out of London is the A1(M) North.

  4. I found London to be full of non-English people. Have a good time. I like the board.