lørdag den 25. august 2012


I am facinated by zombies. (You never would have guessed...Would you?) But how would I actually be prepared if the day came when we were besieged by zombies? Yes yes....I know....But bear with me as this is all in just good fun. Think of it as preparing to be ready for an emergency. Hurricane, flood, power failure, war.....Whatever...When the shit hits the fan!!!

Like my new t-shirt? It is only a fleshwound!!!! And there you have my weapon of choice. A weapon I have easy access to. A shovel. Sturdy, good range, can be sharpened if need be. Can also be used for breaking in to somewhere lightly barricaded, should that situation arise. I  do not own any guns. A neighbour of mine have a rifle or two but for now I will concentrate on the objects at hand. I know there is an axe in the cellar as well.

We have lots of candles here at home. A shitload of matchsticks too as I needed the boxes for something with my hobby hehe... 5 flashlights and extra batteries for them. I have a swiss army knife for that bit of everything. A roll of duct tape. Medic kit (though that is in need of an upgrade). We do not store water. It is quite unlikely that the water will be turned of from day to day where I live. When the need arise I have ways to storage water. Same goes for food. We are not selfreliant on this. I am way too lazy. I managed to grow some flowers this year, so it can be done in our little garden.

We have access to wood and can barricade ourself pretty good when the time comes for that. So that is about it. I came to think about this as I always complain when somebody in a movie makes something stupid in a zombie movie. Some certain rules should be followed. When we went to a live acting roleplay where we fought against zombies we used these rules and it worked pretty good there.

Have a gunbuddy. 
Always know where he/she is. Never go anywhere without your gunbuddy and tell the others if you go somewhere. 

Half the team rests while the other half is on lookout.
As it says. Always have someone on the watch.

Secure a safearea yourself. 
No matter what other people say, make sure it is safe by your own accord. 

Search your surroundings
Both for other survivors and/or possible threats.

Do not be foolish!
Because you will end up dead!

Enjoy the small things.
We all had whiskey. And would sometimes stop what we were doing and make a toast.

Ofcourse there can be a lot of other rules, and according to the situation some may need to be rethought. Nothing is set in stone.

But for now enjoy life. Do not take anything for granted. Actually...Just for one day....Try to turn of everything in your house. Hit the big switch. What now? You are not able to go out of your house. No internet, no tv, no radio, no electricity. See and feel how much that will affect your day. Then think about what it would be like if it was permanent!!!

Have a nice day

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  1. Are you selective about team members or the situation calls for strange bedfellows?

    1. To start of the natural feeling will be to join up with friends and family. But how the situation will be then there may be odd bedfellows.

  2. No internet! ahhhhhhhhh

    Cool idea mate its definitely food for thought.

    1. Children have almost forgotten how to play any game of cards! Besides poker...

      Boardgames and such.

  3. I mentioned this exercise (which I like) to my wife....and she just glared at me. I know because I felt my hair singeing at the back of my head. ;)

    Zombie Chow

    1. They often do this to us.....

      I have no idea why....

  4. Awesome T-shirt!!! Some good tips too :) My weapon of choice would be my Kill Bill "bride" sword which I keep by my bed! Might have to wear my long navy coat... I feel a photo coming on! lol

  5. Great t-shirt! I'll come and join your tribe, sounds like you've got everything sorted, but its a bit of a swim!

    1. Which reminds me...I have to stock up on bacon!

  6. Good post, I think the first few things I would do, would be
    1)Find a weapon
    2)Gather food and water
    3)Find friends and family
    4)Secure a safe house
    5)Become self reliant

    But even best laid plans can go pear shaped.

    1. True...Always have a back up plan or make it flexible for changes.

  7. You seem well prepared for Z-Day, Johnny. Much better than I am. Still, I do have a katana and wakizashi to defend myself with.
    Great T-shirt, by the way!

  8. Fun post. I have a feeling that no matter how 'into' zombies I am, I would be among the first to go...

  9. Umh.... Let me think, living in a country like mine, where we live "tightly packed", with the Apennine mountains going from north to south and sea all around, In Rome were I live, even in the most cold winters, we rarely have less than 4 or 5°C and very rarely have any snow (once or twice every 25 years!)so no hope of freezing zombies... I'd say that my best hope to survive will be to use my motorbike and try, with my wife and my Hatchet, to reach the mountains, take some canned food and hope for the best.. Not the best plan unfortunately... ;)