torsdag den 28. juni 2012

Dear diary, time to find a home!

Ross talked about a small place just on the outskirts of Gravesend. A pub named The White Dragon. He knew the owner and the pub was an old medieval house. Solid stone and good defensive position. I was beginning to think that taking in Ross as part of our small group was one of the best things we could have done. And he was right, here in the middle of the city there were just too many damn deadheads! And....Last night we heard 2 cars racing by, people were shooting from one car to the other. That just spells bad news! I think the police have their hands full with the zombies, now the gangs can roam free as well. Time to pack up the bacon and get out of here.

 This is the field of battle so to speak. A mate of mine has completely dropped out of the hobby, thus I got hold of these fantastic pieces. You can take the roofs of them and each floor. But you will see some of that in the pictures later. The one with the black roof is the White Dragon. The small house in the bottom is Halfords place, he is the owner of the inn. The last house is a water mill. Now I know the water does not continue into the last board! Well... Erm...Due to a collapsing mine the water goes beneath the ground right there and that happened about 100 years ago, so now the old riverbed is overgrown. That should work!!

Mission is to clear all houses and kill all zombies. Oh and survive! As a bit of back story, there is an orange car that has been driven into the wodden fence outside the inn. That plays a part. We will be entering at the right side of the board and I will still treat this like suburban instead of rural, due to it being so close to Gravesend. 

We still have no ammo for Chloe`s shotgun, we do have a bit of food and we are all in good health! Let us hope this will continue! On with the story!!!

As we headed out there were few zombies around to our luck. Much fewer than yesterday. And I suddenly realized that the ones we killed yesterday..Were gone! Also the body of Big show, though he could have turned.... His weapon was gone as well, I had hoped we could get the ammo for chloe`s shotgun. I noticed some armyboot prints in the blood. I know them to be army as I own a pair myself.  The thing is, besides those two cars yesterday and the usual moaning from zombies, it had been a quiet night. Something did not add up. No time to dwell on this as we had to get out to The White Dragon.

We came across some shamblers on the way but they were quickly dealt with. Chloe`s is really loving that icehockey stick! Ross led the way and soon we took a shortcut through a big field. We could see a long way but still had to be careful that the field did not hide "resting" zombies. As it turned out we did not run into any.

 As we arrived at the mill we soon noticed zombies all around. "The door into both the mill, Halford`s house and the inn are all open. That is not good!"  Ross pointed out, and with this much shambling I feared for the worse. Chloe quickly took out the closest zombie by a whack to the back of the head, I think she is starting to enjoy this...And it worries me a bit.  Ross wanted to check out Halfords place first, and Chloe ran to join up with us. Guns drawn both Ross and I jumped into the house!

And looking down the barrel of a full automatic rifle made us stop dead in our tracks. "You damn looters! Say goodbye!" The man holding the gun said, the girl that was with him stood ready with a damn meatcleaver!  "Hold on mate! We are here to check on Halford!" I had my gun pointed at him as I said this, and it got through. Well he had not fired upon us yet...That is always good. "He is not here and you two do not look like gangmembers...Who are you?" Well after talking a bit and Chloe joining us, we found out that George and his girlfriend Holly had been on their way out of town as well. They were to later meet up with some friends, but wanted as we did, to check up on Halford. They had found that apparently someone had come in that orange car by the side of The White Dragon. And several of the walking dead here wore gang colours. Looters maybe and they must have been infected or attacked here by some zombies. We decided to team up in order to find Halford.

As we went out the zombies were getting closer. No more being stealthy, those of us that had guns let them rip! We stood our ground for a second or two to see if we had attracted unwanted attention with that. Thankfully it all seemed quite...And a bit dark actually. As I looked up I noticed heavy clouds gathering. Oh well, this is England and not Jamaica, it would seem we were about to get a real downpour soon.

 This was really how I rolled most of the dice for attracting zombies throughout the game!!!!

 We decided to check out the old mill first, luckily we were ready as around the corner 2 zombies arrived. Further on George spotted others and made ready to take them out from a distance.  I took out 1 zombie but Ross hit the other in the shoulder, and it came straight at Chloe! We could not use our guns this close but Chloe managed to keep it at arms lenght. Suddenly she kicked out at the knee of the zombie and it went down. With a squishy sound the icehockey stick cleaved its head in two. My gods! If they did not smell foul already!!  We entered but left George outside to keep a lookout. We found absolutely nothing on either floor! Well a bit of flour...But nothing and noone else.

When we got backoutside though Chloe spotted a small chubby dog that came running towards us. "That is Halford`s pug Cosmo! But that is NOT Halford!" Ross pointed and sure enough a zombie was after it. I took it down with one shot, ammo is getting low now. The pug was cheerful as ever and seeing the look in Chloe`s eyes was great.  Well no trouble in having that along for now. 

The White Dragon backdoor was smashed open so we entered wary of what would be beyond. First room had food, which was great, but no Halford.  Into the next room and we immidiately saw someone moving in there. "Hey Halford! How about poring us a bee....!" The words never came out, as the thing that used to be Halford turned to face us. Together with one of his former employees and a ganger.


 George took the ganger out, I took the late Halford out and Chloe took out the last one.  "I am sorry George." We were all a bit uneasy as this was one that he had known. "That was not Halford anymore, though he almost smelled the same!" We laughed a bit on the comment from George and it seemed to loosen us up a bit. We soon snapped back into focus as we heard someone outside the window. George checked it out and could see 2 zombies out there. "I got them" Good thing he had something else to think about now and could keep it together.

We then proceeded upstairs. No zombie surprises or anything else for that matter. We were walking back down as we heard the car alarm go of! Ross and I ran outside in the pouring rain, but could still see the 2 zombies by the orange car. My gun clicked on empty!!! Thankfully Ross took both out next! And it took me no time to silence the car. We waited for a bit to see if anything or anybody would turn up, but it was eerily quiet now.....

For Fu... sake!  I rolled doubles for activation 3 times!!! Rain, dog and car alarm.  I needed to roll the last one as George missed the last zombie. Amazingly my rolls for seeing if any zeds would turn up due to noise was low rolls!

George and Holly would move on. I would have liked to keep these 2 survivors but my meet and greet would not. I decided to keep the dog. In real life I actually have 2 pugs. Here in the game he will have no effect. So meet Cosmo, our new mascot! This game was actually pretty fast. Ofcourse with only 3 buildings, but there were floors to them. And my rolls for zeds were really low. That helped a lot as well.

Now we have a base with a bit of food. On the negative side, no radio, low on ammo and there are still zombies out there. We need to make some trips to town I guess. On a really big plus is that I rolled to raise my rep and succeeded! I will leave you with some pictures of me playing the game and how I mostly feel! Take care out there!!


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  1. He He cool game and woot woot Cosmo! He could alert you to zombies or something not sure if there is a rule or a scenario where that would be useful though?

    Great report luck guy with the terrain it looks awesome!

  2. A great read!! Shame about poor Halford. but at least you've got a new mascot!

  3. Nice set-up, terrain looks great and the game seems to have been a lot of fun- enjoyable read of the action too.

  4. Great report, and cool having the dog around.

  5. Lol I started reading this and thought it was real, and then I got to the part about the shooting and realised it was a wargame! I should have realised when I saw the name Gravesend! A great read, and those buildings look pretty immense! :D

  6. Thats a great batrep. Nice idea with going to the suburbs, makes all the sense!

  7. nice game story. I am looking forward hearing more on what happened in Gravesend. Also, are the gangers all gone or is there still sone around? what did they wanted so badly in the house? You've got talent in building mysteries.

  8. Gaming in the suburbs is so much safer than gaming in city centres. A very good batrep, Johnny, with some very impressive scenery. The White Dragon is an incredible model. Congrats on the Rep increase. It's always a magic momment!

  9. Just great. Your BATREP demonstrated how good this game can be with all the doubles anad the uncertainty. I love the way that this is developing. Good luck on your next trip to town.

  10. Johnny, very cool Batrep, really enjoyed your terrain set up...very british? look forward to more.

  11. Thanks guys! It is with comments like this that makes me want to do this.

    There will be more trips into town in order to get supplies (ammo is first on that list actually!)

    Are the gangers all gone?
    Are the zombies keeping away from here?
    Where did the bodies from town go?
    Are there any military around?

    To be continued....