torsdag den 21. juni 2012

Gangs of Gravesend

Get your motor running. 
Head out on the highway. 
Looking for adventure, in whatever comes waaaay!

Gravesend have bikers roaming the streets. Loud machines, brutal looking. Most have weapons, most have a record by the police, most will still help the old lady across the street. This may sound like a contradiction but it is fact. They see themselves as rebels, as a brotherhood outside of the system "But that is no reason to be an asshat!" Quote from the president of BBC (Bacon butty choppers).

However the fighting between the two resident gangs of Gravesend have been bloody!  The BBC are fighting The Daisies of control of Gravesend. The president of the Daisies is quoted :"The bacon will get burnt!" A hidden threat towards the BBC.

I choose to have 2 gangs as these names are brilliant! So both can look forward to a little something from me! Since you both have the keyhanger I will have to figure out something else ;-) Mathyoo and Brummie, as a little extra you get to name the president of your respective club!

Click the little movie above here. It is quite fun and shows how the bikers of MY Gravesend are !!

10 kommentarer:

  1. That ad was fecking excellent, made me laugh unlike Ray!

  2. LOL!!! What a great advert!!!

  3. No need dude the Strippers and keyring where more than enough.

    As for a leaders name. hmmmm perhaps : Pig Killer?

  4. Hahahha what an awesome ad..... congrats to the two winning Lads.

  5. The leader of the Daisies heavy hitters gang will certainly be Quint Simonsky MUAHAHAHA

    And I think Brummie has a point, knowing there is gang who's name I've picked is a prize enough. Oh, and the ability to pick the leaders name, that's even better! :D

  6. Burn bacon Burn!!! Good advert. Look forward to reading about their turf war.

  7. Congrats to the winners - very well deserved. Good idea to pick two gangs as rivals, Johnny.

  8. Nice idea. Two gangs = twice the fun.

  9. How much fun that must have been to film.