søndag den 8. juli 2012

Sunday and new plans

Yes I know...I am one of those with just too many projects! If only I could channel that energy into one project at a time....Damn....That would be fantastic! Let me tell you what my thoughts are at the moment concerning my hobby, to give you a bit of insight.

Bikers for Gravesend.
Wolfen from Confrontation to be used in the game of Warlord.
Path to glory. A skirmish game set in Warhammer fantasy.
The hospital for Gravesend.
Praetorian guard. Warhamer 40k has new ruleset out. I have yet to read up on the changes.
Worlworks streets. 

I am actually painting the President of BBC, Brum. And his bike.
The wolfen have been cleaned, pinned and undercoated.
My warband to path of glory needs a bit more contrasting colour as they are too dark.
The hospital...See below.
Praetorian guard. Need to read the rules to see what needs to be redone before continuing.
Streets of Mayhem. A mate of mine have some expertise in this. I have to get hold of him.

The hospital.....Sigh... My first plan did not survive reality. And now my second plan has been dumped. Carl from Grekwood studioes have started a hospital. And that has actually helped me in my planning for mine. Incidently he has also made zombie hospital staff and beds for the hospital. I SO need those beds!!! With my new plan I will still be able to travel with my hospital and it will be easy to store.

These 4 sheets of paper will be to plan out the hospital. They each represent a foamboard at the same size. Rooms will be glued on but the 4 pieces can be taken apart.

These are my top 3 shelves. Mooostly organized.

Oh and this was in the mail for me! I helped this project out on kickstarter. My reward as a thank you was the DVD and a movie poster, both of which have been autographed! The DVD contains a Kickstarter supporter only version. Pretty damn cool! Just need the time to sit my ass down and see it!!!

14 kommentarer:

  1. You seem more organised than me. Now stop laughing you really do seem to have a grip on what you are doing. I guess I see in others what I can't see in myself....

  2. I still strongly support working on more projects to keep the interest goin! But emphasis is on "working", not just "having" :D

  3. Lots of stuff going on then Johnny, nice organised shelves as well. Not seen that movie will have to get hold of it and give it a watch

  4. I have to say that Mathyoo has hit the nail on the head. Good advice from our Slovenian friend.

    I saw the trailer for the Ozombie film and it looked okay. Let us know what you think of it.

  5. Yeah, a movie review is in your future.

  6. Cheers for the mention! :) It's always good to have a lot of things on the go. That's the plan with the hospital I am making, make it in sections so it's easy to store/move around. When I'mdone I might make a PDF of all the graphics, like the stoezel ones... just a thought.

  7. A real issue. Channel mate. I like the single project approach! Not that you'd know! The answer lies in the bacon.

  8. I've been thinking about Path to Glory for a while now, I look forward to seeing what you do!

  9. I like doing several projects at once, it does keep it more interesting!

  10. Very organised and I love the sound of the movie....

  11. I'm another fan of multiple projects. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your hospital.

  12. Nice collection Lord Siwoc -and ambitious plans. Really looking forward to seeing how your hospital turns out.

  13. I'm now thinking that we all suffer from thesame infection of flitting fromone thing to another, but it also means we are fresher when we return to an unfinished idea/project.

  14. Nice going man, multi projetcs FTW ! keep the fire burning no matter what....