mandag den 14. november 2011

Gravesend E.R.

Well I managed to find a couple of suitable miniatures to start this with. These are actually clix miniatures kindly gifted to me by Bryan/Vampifan . Again thank you! And I found the last bits from my Mantic games zombies as well. Now on to the minis themself!

Left we have an inmate from the electrical chair, still not sure if I will be using him. Seeing this is not a prison but a hospital/emergency.
Next is the ever hungry Big Bertha! Lovely little lady is she not?
The zombie patient will need no conversion at all. A new paintjob however...Yes!
And lying down in the front, the dear mad doctor! Now this guy will ned conversion done to him. His own brain will be trimmed down and I will try to add hair instead. Hmm...Bald is better?

I will start this with only one floor, should this turn out good I may add another level or basement. Again keeping it simple to start with. Thus an E.R. instead of a 10 storey high hospital with a helikopter pad on the roof and 3 wings!!!

So what do we need? Well a reception and some kind of area the patients can wait in. Examining rooms as well as an office/ journal room. X-ray room, kitchen/mess.....And ofcourse toilets! Always a good joke to find a zed on the can!!!

The fillings, beds, chairs, benches, toilets.... I think I will turn to a good friend of mine named Kim. He made the card pieces shown in my building GRAVESEND SEGWAY TOURS. See if I can bribe him with cookies into helping me. Now to make a blueprint of the place and to test out how the walls will come together, in order for me to take it apart again for travelling as well as storage. I have some ideas, loosely based on what others have done. I already have some foamcard and some plasticcard to start things of.

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  1. Bloody hell!!!!! the resemblance is remarkable, where the hell did you get that model of Fran!!! It's even got ginger hair!!!!

  2. Great start, Lord Siwoc! I will be following this closely -- I hope to start my own project after first of the year and I'm eager to see your techniques. I won't be making a hospital, though, but rather a contemporary asylum/mental care facility.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing you start this project Lord Siwoc good luck with it.

    Hehehe some people are just wicked (Ray)

  4. Good to see you've found a use for those Horrorclix figures, Johnny. I'll be following your progress with keen interest. Best of luck!

  5. Nice project you have going. And nice set of figures. I agree that the big one is terrifying.