onsdag den 23. november 2011

Plans of the E.R./hospital

My blueprint ended up with being notes and drawings in my notebook. To and from work I have a traveltime of about half an hour with public transportation. Well a bit of good music in my headphones and my little notebook and I am good. So I used the time as best as I could, dedicated to the hobby. To get the right meassurements I decided to use some cut out papers and lay it out on a table. In order to get a better look of things. One thing is to write it down, another to see it in person. And this way I could fix some errors before I cut any foamboard. And yes....I changed the plans....About 4 times.... I took a few shots of it as you can see below.

The paper terrain is again borrowed from my good friend and fellow gamer Kim. Thanks mate! I had a look at Black cat bases which Fran from The Angry Lurker recommended. As soon as money allows it in the new year I will be making an order. Really a bunch of nice stuff.

Back to the plans. The initial idea of being able to take it all apart for easy storage and transportation, has been rethought. Not possible to look as good as I want it with the budget I have set. But with some rooms built, and other walls and rooms to be added on it may work. The floor...Well still thinking on how to do that...

Untill now, not a single cut has been made. I plan to make the two rooms in the middle first. This is to get a feel for it and not frag it all up! As we get closer to December the updates on this blog and this project may not be as steady as you are used to. I work in menswear and this is, to no big surprise, a busy time for us. Time for me to earn some extra money for my addiction! (Which is gaming) Not putting it on hiatus or anything like that, I am still around and I will be checking other blogs out as well. Just because I am busy does not mean I am dead! Yet......

Oh and by the way, I found some pictures that I may use in this project.

For the x-ray room, this may be a common accident in Gravesend?
Oh hell yes I am going to use this picture hehe. It certaintly gives it a bit of character with real pics like this. A good portion of humour will always be around in my games.

And with that...I bid you farewell. Do take care untill next time.

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  1. I really like this project dude. Looks promising. I have plans for a hospital too but I won't do it modular. The base for my hospital will be about 120cm x 50cm, so quite a giant for storage.

    May I suggest you following: Make your hallways a little more narrow. Make a main hall at the entrance for reception and waiting room and add rooms like archive, nurses and changing room.
    Are you planning for several floors?
    Man really look forward to your progress on this.

  2. This is going to look really cool!!! Nothing cool about the picture though, how and why???? with a little bit of ouch!!!

  3. well laid plans thus far, this can turn out to be really nice.

  4. For a building this size, prior planning is vitally important. I can't wait to see how this turns out and I wish you the best of luck in making it happen.