søndag den 13. november 2011

Eureka! And braaaaiiinnsss....

I took of with my mate Michael yesterday to see 4 heavy metal bands playing. COLD BEERS AND BLLEDING EARS. We both knew one of the bands as they were some of the guys we hung around with from old time... Man did they kick ass!!! And thus...I am a bit tired today.

T-shirt from DEADICATED, our mates! CD from another band named FIJI and my press card hehe... YOINK!

Well...As for my little revelation, it did not come to me last night. Too busy at the concert hehe. But as you no doubt have seen, my little Gravesend town is crawling slowly along. Using trees from LEGO, not many buildings and so forth. To make it better at this time will need some money, getting hold of O scale buildings could be a good step in that direction, and money will be low as christmas is just around the corner as well as a big party. So it will be put aside.....

Something that will be easier for me and a bit more affordable...Is to make a hospital! In the lines of what Gnotta and Zerloon have done. I seem to remember that The Angry lurker also made something in those lines... First of it wil be the basics that I will be working on. Rooms, hallways, operating room, reception but making a stairway and elevator in order for me to expand a level.

The challenge in this; making it easy to take apart in order for easy storage and for travelling. So foamcard for the walls, some heave cardboard for the floortiles. I have some of this already to start of from.  But how to make the walls stick together? Thinking on making a clip of some sort out of sprue bits.

As for miniatures... Studio miniatures makes a set that is perfect! Zombies made from inspiration of the series Scrubs. But again...Not before next years as funds will not permit it. Must scrounge my bits...Seem to recall I got some clix miniatures from Vampifan that could make a good start. And some of the zombie bits from Mantic Games.

Well these are the plans as they are now. The set up needs to be made, I have found some floorplans that I may use bits from. And see if I can get hold of cheap hazmat suits and minis to use as doctors and nurses.

My brain is starting to shut of now, so better stop this blog entry.........

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  1. Sounds cool will be following with interest ;D

  2. Great sounding project - if you want some ideas I know someone on the Lead Adventure Forum made a shopping centre like you want to do for the hospital.

    I thought I had a link saved I could help out with, but cant find it :-\

    If I find the link I will post it for you.

  3. Hmm, a large hospital? That's just the sort of project I'd like to get my teeth into... if only I had the time!

  4. I found a link - not a hospital, but you can see what they did to make the building, and it is almost like a hospital: http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=7346.0

  5. Concerning Floor tiles, what I did for Fran (TAL) was colour in a check pattern of squares on Microsoft Excel, print off and cut them out in the shape of the room you want. I'd suggest black and white for a hospital' I think it took me around 2 minutes to do, give that a go. They look quite good!!

  6. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the show!

  7. Those H beams would be great! ANd yes I thought about just printing out tiles for the floor. Cheers mates.

    And yes...The show was a blast!!!!Even better as I could walk behind the stage and talk to the guys. (And drink beer)

  8. I like what you have in store for us a hospital....Hhmm I look forward to seeing this.

  9. Black Cat Miniatures do some doctors and lab equipment...real nice stuff.

  10. Sorry I'm late coming to this, m'lord.

    Have you thought about the small rare earth magnets that air-wargamers use on their planes to hold your walls etc. together? I've tried using self adhesive magnetic tape.

  11. I thought about these magnets. But they will not stick properly in this foamboard.

    Never tried magnetic tape