mandag den 7. november 2011

Kill the zombie

Well to get my significant other to play a zombie game, I had to bribe her!!! See the little box there behind the gates? All you have to do is cross the board with your 4 miniatures. Nothing to it, walk in the park. You can even choose which 4 miniatures you would like to use! So she did....After which I told her that in order to get through the gate she had to use 3 actions to open it. Oh right...And there would be 2d6 zombies starting at those gates. Oh and the zombies would get reinforcement when I drew some specific cards. Oh and by the way...This boss zombie...He is bad news!! Hehehehe............

The line up of survivors she choose. Fatass with the smiley t-shirt she took purely based on "He looks fun". And the girl with the chainsaw....Well a girl have to protect herself! We used AKULA`s simple ruleset with some mods. Basically if you fire a weapon you place a die there. When I get reinforcements there is a 50/50 chance a zombie has been attrated to that noise.

From left to right, if you get a good set of cards then you are home free!!! You can spot the spawn points spread roughly around the board.

Welcome to Gravesend! We have been expecting you...BRAAAAIIINNNSS!!!!

The zombie boss showed up early, she was soo scared of him she ran away the second she had the chance! Actually that was smart of her, as the boss used the entire game trying to chase them down. NEVER caught up with them. The cards were really mostly in her favour, and the dicegod smiled upon her through two rounds. HEADSHOT! BOOM HEADSHOT! I don`t like the goth zombie there....BOOM HEADSHOT!

Even with the King and Prince in game.... MJ took a headshot before being able to move! The King went to Las Vegas the next turn!!!

Keeping the group to cover eachother worked well. One got wounded but they all made it through the gate!

And I think she is open to more zombie gaming in the future! Quite fun game learning her the basics, though she would not permit me playing my music in the background. "This is scary enough as it is thank you!!"

Next time.......

12 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like it was a cool game great pics mate. What was the Ladies prize?

  2. Great idea - I wonder if I could bribe "Mrs Shelldrake" to play a game this way.

    I also would like to know what the prize was.

  3. The prize was some jewelry for her bracelet. Charms I think they are called.

  4. It would have to be Chocolate for my other half.

    Cool idea though!

  5. Nice one, Johnny, and a smart piece of bribery. It looks like you got yourself a win-win situation there!

  6. Haha, there's nothing like bribery for motivation (OK, maybe fear, but that would possibly have negative side effects on the fun). You Sir, are an evil mastermind! ;o)

    I think I've spotted some LEGO trees, right?

    Whiteface / Oliver

  7. If I want something done like this it costs me chocolate...lots of chocolate, damn good though.

  8. Excellent report, love the king and prince figures, how are sales in Gravesend Sedgway, probably a bit low!!!

  9. Sales in G.S. are not as they were when Ray was there!

    And yes Oliver, you do indeed see lego trees. My city is pretty sorry to look at as it stands now. I need some trees, some Plasticville buildings, most likely a better lay out of the roads... Sigh...

  10. You cunning, cunning man you! Genius!

  11. Woah, I really like this setup, nicely done.

  12. very very cool looks like a lot of laughts great work