lørdag den 8. oktober 2011

Things to come...And eat braaaains!

Not much progress on the painting...However I read a bit up on the rules and tried them out by myself. And made mistakes.... But how I had things on the battlefield inspired me in such a way, that you will soon get to see a battlereport from me.

I still have no suitable mini for myself, but some will do. The battlereport will be told more like a story than an actual report with the dice rolls listed. There will be some zeds specially selected for this, pumpkins, cars and this little beauty will be a main feature;

And just to give you something entirely else to think about, I dug up these two links for you. First one is adorable with teddybears hehe. Second one.... Well it is french I think... And for both, zombie is the keyword.

Hope everybody is okay out there in the real world, holding out against the hordes of undead!

This is Lord Siwoc signing of, may Lady Luck smile on your way!

5 kommentarer:

  1. The Clown was quite disturbing!!

  2. You make sure you hold out yourself my friend and Ray is a pussy.

  3. Dawn of the Ted....haha love it, good stuff.

  4. Undead ted is brilliant. Thank you for sharing!

  5. @Ray- Do you suffer from COULROPHOBIA? I am currently painting a zombie clown.

    @Angry- Thx mate, have you ever returned the socks?

    @Extra and JP- You are welcome. He is quite adorable hehe.