mandag den 17. oktober 2011

I can has braaaaaiinnsss?!

Oh yes I could! The lovely little Mrs. Siwoc (well not yet, technically) made me a braincake, and much NOM was had!!! I was to my belief that the international zombieday was this saturday. Having looked at the internet I am a bit confused as it appears it has several different dates!!! Well we held ours this saturday!

It was amazing! Though to be honest....80% sugar I think!  I have some pics here to show the build up:

And the insides of my brain....Erm...No that would be bad! The inside of the cake!!!


Sunday was a meetup with some friend, a brilliant brunch and then geektime. I had plans on painting zombies
but ended up painting some orks for my Gorkamorka mob and converting a bit more on my Green Goblin model. Not bad at all.

Oh and in other news! I have found the model that could represent me in zombie battles! I juuuust need to find the money for it! This month bank account is runnning pretty darn low.... So it will have to wait. No battlereport until I get hold of it and has it painted!

Untill then, enjoy life while you have it!!!

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  1. That looks fantastic. How does she make the brain part with such a mixed colour? Just a thick tube of icing?

  2. Hey Adam, its the almost Mrs. I made the brainpart with Marzipan coating, just in a lot og G and S shapes. And the red color is fruit color with some dark sirup in it, blended together in a bowl, put in a platic bag, cut a small hole in one corner and sprayed it all over the brain part :)

  3. What a great idea! It looks fantastically disgusting!! Bet it tasted good!!

  4. Great looking cake, maybe a hint about the figure.

  5. It was VERY sweet, because of all the frosting and marzipan, but Johnny was happy!!!!!

    Got him some small gifts to, a chocolate box with small hearts cause lov him to pieces, a play boy spray and some "Fc. Barcelona" stickes, a kind off fake tattos..........

    Wee eat in only the flair off candlelights, with a new black tablecloth, and some black candlelights, tried to make it as spooky as possible, if it had this affect on the Lord, ask him yourself he he..........

  6. Oi! Angry! Are you saying I am fat?! We didn`t even eat up all the cake! Some is still left. Mmmmm...Braaaaiiinnnssssss..........

  7. Johnny, you are one lucky man! Not only does your better half make you wonderful treats like this fabulous cake, but she's answering your comments now! She's worth hanging on to, this one!

    Oh, if you're reading, hi, Lone!

  8. That is fantastic! Very nicely done :-D

  9. Cool Cake. I'm gonna see if my other half will make me one for my birthday (doubt it) probably get a choccie marble cake but cake is cake.

    Top work Lady Siwoc

  10. That is freekin awesome.... I am making one.

  11. Curse you, now I'm hungry for brains!

    If this is for Zombieday I wonder what you're doing on Halloween. You are some lucky dude.

  12. And offcource, thanks for all your nice words about me and the cake :)