fredag den 30. september 2011

Zombies in progress

I got these horrorclix miniatures from the fine gentleman that is Vampifan .
And finally I got myself together in order to do something about them. They are still work in progress but I wanted to show you the progress so far.

U.P.S. zombie and zombie cop! The rubble needs some work and I can not decide if some of the planks should have some writing on them.

Shambler and vendor zombie. The vendor needs a better red colour on his clothes.

Besides these guys and the others I got of Bryan, I noticed a pile of lead...All zombies! I really need to do some more stuff on them! Basing them and cleaning them could be a start. I have a bunch of Victory force zombies. They will get a speedpaint as they will mostly just be fillers in the zombie mob.

Oh and I found this little video that most of my fellow zombiefans will absolutely love! I did!!!

The link will open a clip from youtube.

6 kommentarer:

  1. they look great, the one in blue at the bottom is dancing like elvis lol

  2. More Zombie, more fun! :D

    Funny Video, but now I'm hungry ;__;

  3. I wouldn't cut it as a zombie - the brains don't make me hungry at all ;-)

  4. They're looking good, good cannon fodder sir.

  5. Very nice so far. Maybe add a bit of gore perhaps?

  6. I'm glad you like them, Johnny. They're looking good so far. Don't take too long in finishing them.