lørdag den 22. oktober 2011


This survivor is called BLINK. You can follow him and his group over at This blog!!!  Shelldrake who have this blog, is currently playing a zombie game....with a twist.... You see...Me and some of the other bloggers have control over a mini each. Each turn we give an order, Shelldrake will then move accordingly (or as close to) and roll the dice if any should be needed. We do not know what statistics our characters have. Only Shelldrake knows that.

There is a page that will tell you who the characters are and who controlls them. I am Blink, and thought it could be fun to imitate him. (No I have not shot anybody....Yet!) Blink wears a green hood but besides that and some beard....

Have a safe weekend and shoot the zombies in their head!!!

8 kommentarer:

  1. LOL thats brill. I might have problems doing that with my character being of the female persuasion.

    No..... will not where mini skirt or blonde wig before anyone asks.....

  2. I agree with Brummie. I'm an ugly fat bloke and my character is a beautiful slim female! So no way will you see me posing as Karen!

    Mind you, kudos to you for getting into your character in such a brilliant way.

  3. Get in character you two!!! Hehe....

    In other news, I am working on a new house for my city. This will be a survivor home.

  4. :-D great stuff. I take it as a great compliment for the game that you would want to imitate Blink.

  5. nice, great touch with the tictacs.

  6. Wonderful LS!! You're the best!! LMAO!!!!! :D

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