mandag den 8. august 2011

Warmill Gatehouse terrain

Warmill is a new firm making terrain pieces for gaming. They call it BATTLESNAP, because you do not need any glue. Made in lasercut 3mm mdf board. Now so far it all sounds pretty and nice.... Well...

There it is, all in its glory. Just press it out and assemble. Instructions are included as you can see in the picture.

This broke....Then that broke...And my patience snapped as well!! As you try to get it out of your frame, you will notice that a lot of places it seems the laser have not cut deep enough. It does not simply "click" out. However heed my advice; turn the frame around and use a sharp modelling knife and score along it. That will help A LOT!!

Next picture... As you assemble it, some of it will have a reeeaaally tight fit. And break! This is where I came with some select words not suitable for...well anyone!  Again...Heed my advice; Either use a blade and make the holes/fittings a bit larger or do as I did, a powertool! Then it all was a walk in the park!

My weapon of choice! I really should have used another surface. Damn! But that is my own fault!!

Front and back with miniatures to get an idea of scale. I think it will see some action tomorrow.

Verdict; Besides the small problems I had, I now know how to counter them. And for 12 British pounds this seems okay. I am likely to make another purchase at Warmill. Usable for games in 28 mm.

It needs some paint, and a spot of glue here and there. I will not take it apart again!!! But for now it is quite useable. I like their ideas about this, but being able to disassemble it from game to game.... No... Not recommended by me at this time. Click on the pictures to enlarge the picture.

I think I may have to expand this terrain piece. Wall sections, heavy gun towers....

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  1. I agree it sounded frustrating but it looks rather good.

    Do you plant to paint it or leave as is?

  2. It's nice.....I suppose...but I have anger and breakng issues.

  3. Hey!

    Edward from WarMill here, great to see the one of the fortress pieces in the hands of a gamer!

    As for the cutting issues we can only appologise, if it means anything the issue with the laser not cutting deep enough has been sorted, (turns out the filter was clogged and fumes were reducing the power of the laser) but you're right, frustrating and not acceptable :(

    Let us know how it goes in your gaming, if we can help you in any way get in touch, we're new on the block and happy customers mean a lot to to us :)


  4. With the right "attitude" and "good mood" you can build anything!! ;)
    As Brummie already asked, will paint it or let it "as is"? Looking really good already.. :)

  5. Thanks guys. I should also have mentioned that Sunday as I started it, I was a bit hungover. That does nothing for my patience as well hehe...

    I want this painted. See if I can do some rust effects and maybe bloodmarks. I will be using it both in 40k games, Nuclear Rennaissance, zombie games...

    @Edward, nice to hear from you. And very happy to hear the cutting issue have already been dealt with. As for helping out? Weeeeell... A gate looks all lonely by itself... ;-) hehe

  6. Thanks for the post Lord Siwoc; I'd not heard of WarMill before so I'm going to check them out immediately!

  7. I'm always interested in new scenery sites, so I'll be following Colin in checking them out.

  8. Anythig worth doing always comes with a bit of pain. :)

    Looks good, can't wait to see it painted too.

  9. This piece looks great, I have used lasercut scenery before aswell, its fiddly but does turn out looking sweet, especially with some paint on it :)