torsdag den 4. august 2011

Easy hills

I needed some more terrain, and hills are quick and easy to do. This lot took me a lazy afternoon with a bit of help from my girlfriend.  For alot of gaming the wear and tear will bust them. But that is okay for these.For now they will be just fine.

This is DEAD easy to do. A piece of white polysterene broken up into the size of hills you want.
Then I used the flame from a candle on the edges, in order to get rid of the buble look. Do be careful, it is flammable and you need good ventilation. The fumes are NOT healthy!!!

PVA glue and sand on the top of the hills. Then make sure they dry properly before next step.

Painting and painting..... I used acryl based paint, cheap. Along with a good size brush. With the assistance of my beautiful lady of the house! Oh and shake of the ekstra sand unless you want that in your brush!!!

Touch up with  drybrushing it in lighter colours...And then.... Well that is basically that! You could put on some static grass in patches here and there. (I can not find mine at the moment so that will have to wait)

Only thing left...Is to do battle!!! They work fine both in fantasy and scifi settings. A couple of trees and you are in a forrest, trying to evade zombies and getting to safety. The models I used here are from Warmachine, Khador faction. I will need to paint that surface now.....

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