torsdag den 28. juli 2011

Mancave in progress

If I had only reaaranged..... Then I would be done now. But since I was at it, I began sorting through the years of nerdyness. A lot of good stuff showed up, some of that I actually forgot I had. And some of it, I know I will never use. That goes up for sale. Already ASDRUBAEL VECT has found a new home by Paul from Sho3box. Some orc pirate heads and 3 ork musicians will find their way to Australia. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. As I go through it I realize that some of my projects, will never be.

S.M.S. That stands for Shiny Model Syndrome. And I have suffered for over 18 years. Let me explain;
A new model of army X is released. You do not play army X. Nor do you infact play that system or indeed you may not know the rules for that. It does not matter, the model is great! YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT! "And what are you going to use it for?" Could be cool for a conversion, or just to paint, or in a diorama or when I get around to start that army up and learn the rules or.... Oooh... that miniature is pretty too!!!

I am proud to stand forth and say that I suffer from S.M.S. And am not ashamed. I have learned to live with this, and actually now, I am able to put a miniature back and NOT buy it. (Does not happen often, but it does happen.) And I am getting better at letting go. Seriously, I want these miniatures to be painted and to be used. That is why they have to move on.... Sigh....
 An old Tzeentch model from wh40k. Goblin from Confrontation. Lysander from wh40k. Butcher from Warmachine

Lord Solar Macharius from wh40k.

Also found Grom the pauch from warhaer, well his chariot. Actually two of his chariot. WTF?  5 Mordheim Zealots. 3 Uhlan cavalry for Khador in Warmachine.... And much more to come. Uptill now I have only bought from Ebay, this may be a good time to see if I can sell it there.

On the plus side, it may give me some money to buy those lovely miniatures I saw the other day... CURSE YOU SHINY MODEL SYNDROME!!!!

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  1. Shiny Model Syndrome? Oh yes, I know it well. It seemed to affect me very badly whenever I visited a wargaming convention. I never went to see the games on displays. It was always to what new stuff was on sale and boy, my wallet took quite a pounding. Nowadays, i surf the Internet and try to show restraint. But... it's a hard addiction to cure.

  2. We need an intervention to highlight the SMS and bring the problem(happiness) to the masses.

  3. Indeed someone needs to startup monthly meetings for S.M.S sufferers. Probably at a show of some kind, no wait...... ahhhh more tiny people are talking to me.......

    Can totally agree, I used to have all the GW armies, games etc throughout the 90's being very selective now. Kids and a mortgage kinda do that ya.

  4. My name is cmnash and I have SMS ...

    Wait we weren't supposed to stand up and say that? no wonder everyone in the office is looking at me strangely ...