torsdag den 21. juli 2011

What ? No zombies?

Zombies always win, and they will be back! They have not been forgotten by me!! I have as mentioned before had a bit of things to do that did not concern the living impaired. They were however with me in battle, 60 of them in a single unit. KINGS OF WAR is a game by Mantic Games. Easy to learn as the rules fill only 8 pages.
And absolutely free rules to download! I do recommend it heartly!

Well besides that, my mancave is still in the works. I did a trade with the Dark Eldar I had lying around. Thanks go to Sho3box. Not that it helps me clear out some of the stuff, as it actually just gives me new stuff. But the trade gave us both something we could use. Package is sent to him....with a little bit extra in.

Oh...and my vacation starts this monday! 3 weeks....aaaaaaahhhhhh..... A little trip together with my family, a wedding, and hopefully some painting of zombies! Oh and my mancave, and some shelves. And the kitchen needs to be done, and a wall in our living room. Who am I kidding.... I will most likely be active somehow all through the 3 weeks! And not to worry...there are plenty of zeds still for me to paint and finish!

I actually thought of a little competition as well.... My last one went pretty well. What you say? A little give away of some kind?

6 kommentarer:

  1. What with the kitchen and the work on the Mancave, I don't think you'll get many Z's painted.

  2. Free stuff is good especially socks.

  3. Free stuff is good as long as it's not socks!!! LOL!

  4. I will ahve to put some time aside, I am halfway through some necromunda zeds.... no more socks in the post?

  5. Everythig is better with zombies. Even socks. :)

    Have a great holiday!