lørdag den 16. juli 2011

This is a warzone!

Well actually this is my mancave, nerd room, safe place...... But it sure looks like a warzone right now!!!

I need to get to the bottom of this, clean out and clean up. We just sold a bench we had in there, and when that gone I realized what a mess I have.... Sigh... Not easy being a gamer... But this will be a new start!

The desk is actually a door laid on 4 cabinets with drawers from IKEA, and on top of the door a clear acryllic 3mm thick piece. I have a smaller door which I plan to use some how, the table is too easy for me to just fill up with stuff.  I need a better and more organized den of evil!!!

Already found stuff I need to sell.
A GORKAMORKA metal kopta, still in package.
Asdrubael Vect with throne, slave girls, bodyguard and raider from wh40k dark eldar.
Koralon spider tank from VOID. I had plans for that...but that will never happen.
Capitol purple sharks from WARZONE, still in box with plastic around it. (Really no idea why I bought those)

I am sure more will turn up. It will be one hell of a job to get control firmly back in grip! But it needs to be done now! I need proper room for my zeds and other miniatures. Not only am I a zombie fan, I also play chaos and Imperial guard in WH40K, Norse in BLOODBOWL, Reiklander in MORDHEIM, and there is my Wolfen and Dirz from CONFRONTATION, Darkspawn from WARLORD, gangs from NUCLEAR RENNAICCANSE and all the other bits and stuff..... Oh dear.....

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  1. What's a wargamer supposed to do????? Go buy some more figures, that will cheer you up!!

  2. LOL @ Ray. I Feel the pain though I need a Mancave or Shed

  3. My friend, let me said this loud.

    Ideas needs rooms. Not in a metaphorical sense, but literally. Chaos is the ideal mud for our projects, and abandoned project are not a memento to not doing it again, are a sparkle of potential!

    (My room is a mess, if I don't find a good excuse my girlfriend will kill me :D )

  4. A man needs his 'living space'...

  5. My man cave is actually a wardrobe with a desk stuck in it... Literally.... The good thing is that I only need to close it to keep the hobby out of sight of my girlfriend..... ;)
    Btw, I'm an Imperial guard player too but, lacking the space to put in order all the vehicles once assembled, I keep them in their original boxes.... A sad story..... :'(

  6. I am too ashamed to show a photo of how messy my name cave is; it makes yours look nice and tidy.

    Maybe I should do something about that today...

  7. It's not that bad at all, do as Ray said and add more, we are men and not meant to be tidy.

  8. I couldn't possibly comment on the state of your den. My den is my bedroom/study. Parents are not allowed in... ever! It's a mess, but it's my mess and I know where everything is, so that makes it an organised mess. Result!

  9. I thought that's waht a mancave should look like.

  10. MAN-CAVE!!! I can smell the cigars, leather and wiskey from here. Man-caves are where it is at. Be proud of your man-cave! A Man's cave is his castle! :)

  11. yeah, the ideal place for all hobbyist, Greetings!

  12. What a coincedence - I cleared my man-cave last night ... as it also doubles as my dining table, I thought it about time, as I couldn't clear enough space to fit a breakfast bowl ... :(

    Talking of Ikea, I keep my figures in their HELMER metal drawer units
    and the draws double as carrycases when the figures have magnabase on them

  13. haha :D this same warzone is on my tabel :P followed :P

  14. And a new follower! Welcome aboard! I have not had the time to do anything at all.Why?

    Friends coming by to eat. (No, not brains)

    2 games of WARLORD as we visited some good friends. The girls made mideval dresses as the boys played with small figures.

    And yesterday a game of KINGS OF WAR (Which I won)

    But the plans in general have been made. And the cabinets are indeed that model HELMER.

  15. Getting my own Man Cave a few years ago was a big deal for me. Having your very own retreat dedicated to the hobby is a great feeling.

    Your post inspired me to put up some photos of my Man Cave before its redecorating in a couple of months time.


  16. I forgot to say that I would love to trade/buy the Asdrubael Vect set from you. How much do you want for it?