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Is he....dead?

This will be more of a summary than an actual battlereport. Me and two of my friends (Morten & Kim) tried out the ATZ rules. To live and learn, or die screaming not having learned a damn thing! Oh dear gods did we make mistakes....

Well we made one rep 4 star each and 2 rep 3 followers. Choosing 2 abilities for our star and rolling one for each of our followers. (In hindsight, 3 players on one table, phew that is a lot of zeds to start the game of with. 32 in our case!)
Team Cardio. (Remember rule 1) Bob the biker back there got CLUMSY, and that actually cost him his life in the game! Mr. Jingles in front and special Ed on the right. Played by Kim.

Team Boobs. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE BOOBS. Jess being a born leader and having boobs was the star. Billy was a transporter. And Bruce was a runt, so he compensated by having a shotgun. Played by Morten.

Team Nuts. Johnny the star was a born leader and brawler. Tracy was slow to react and R.J. was just...slow... This is the group I played. Although I had slow teammembers I had them race around the city!

Objective was clear; Find the carkeys and get off the table in a vehichle. NOW we know that EACH character is allowed to loot, not just rolling once when inside a building! Could have helped a lot!!! The encountercards will be used next time. It takes a lot of time to roll up what you meet inside a building. Zeds are easy enough but still reducing the time of rolling on charts, gives you more time to play.

Lessons quickly learned, mobs of zombies are really scary! Sure it is easier to fight the zeds in close combat, but some bad rolls of the dice and you will soon be in a world of pain! In one of the turns we had one team taking down 5 zombies, then rolling for noice 8 new zeds came by!!!

Team Boobs trying to hide from the zombies. The toycar in front of the picture....Yes I have done nothing on that project! One of the first posts I made. Though the sounds you could make with the 3 red buttons was a fun little thing throughout the game hehe...

We got to test out a lot of things. How zeds came into buildings. See that first house? Guess who has a team in there? Yup.... Well I ended up going out through the window! I got frustrated at one point...having 3 turns in a row where I could do nothing! Thankfully no zed had a line of sight to my party at that time.

Well I think this picture speaks for itself. Team Cardio being caught by the zeds. Bob the biker was clumsy so fell over and the team mates needed to help him. (Ray, your parcel is on the way with a little bit extra in there, the name is brilliant)

First you see my team running after having fled through a window! Next they failed their SEE FEAST and hid in a building. And yes that is special Ed from Team Cardio having saved his own life....for a turn or two.

Team Boobs had made friends on their way. As you will see in the first picture. When I finally met other humans we had run out, so we recycled. Yes, they certaintly look like the former members of team Cardio these two, but they are not! They are zombie fodder! Oh and so is Ed in this picture! I failed 3 SEE THE FEAST rolls....sigh...

TAKE THEM DOWN! And so they did. Team Boobs with friends took out a lot of zeds, then they found the keys and got the hell out! All in all a good game, though there is a lot of questions still.

Need to find out about this HOLDING THE GANG TOGETHER, as team Boobs rolled miserable after the game and was decimated. A house rule or two may be prudent. We had not read too much on the rules concerning food, in a campaign this may be worth a notice. This game took 19 turns and was set in Suburbs.

Kim (Team Cardio) has some bad luck concerning zombies. His gang was wiped out, and last we had a game (previous battle report) his team got beaten up pretty good. He is quite a zombie magnet!!!

Note to self, need to finish those survivors, they look better when painted!

Thank you to both Kim and Morten.

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  1. Johnny, it's always a good idea to get a few practice games under your belt before you start your campaign in earnest. If you make mistakes, which is almost inevitable, don't fret about them, but do learn from them. Practice makes perfect. Oh, and painted figures ALWAYS look better than unpainted figures!

  2. Looked good mate, these are the practice games that we all do.

  3. looks like you guys had a good time even if you had a practice game that didn't go so smooth. nice figures.

  4. Great Dude! I like the fact you just got on and PLAYED THE GAME! I feel that all scenary etc. has to be perfect. NOOOOOOO!!!! Play the game & POST. A game for my next posting. No wonder you're a Lord.

  5. Yup, chalk this one up as a learning experience. You'll benefit from it when you play day zero.

  6. Practice or not, the zeds always win!
    Mistakes happen...a lot. My current game is still stuck in Turn 7 and I have just realized that I forgot to move PEFs for several turns and made an unwise decision because I didn't remember a rule I hadn't needed until now. Oh well, ignore and continue the game. It all evens out in the end: They win.

    Always follow the boobs is a good rule. I would have chosen team boobs.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  7. I get plenty of things wrong in my games too and even now I'm still not 100% but we always have fun and it gets better and more 'acurate' each time we play. I find re-reading the rules just after a game very useful.

    Great to see eveything in the table, including the new sign. Sounds like fun game, thanks for sharing.

  8. Bad Luck happen, but since this is a pratice game and was funny I think it's all right :D

    In my pratice game normally all go well, but when campaign starts... usually in my first game my Leader (Necromunda, Mordheim, Blood Bowl or any else) get injured and die in the post sequence battle.

    Is a tax for me.

    My current survivor leader, is trembling on my desk... :P

  9. Thanks guys. @Zerloon. Fastest Necromunda game I had....5 minutes. He had a hit on my leader. I set up. He uses ventilation to set up above ground. (The territory) And fires 1 (ONE) shot. Hits, wounds and out of the game with my leader.

    I laughed a lot! Games are meant to be just that....games and fun to play!!!

  10. Great looking game, love the sign! Sounds like you all had a great game.

  11. The important is to enjoy the game, and, as Whiteface pointed out, Zombies always wins!!!!! ;)

    BTW: Rule n°1 with Zerloon, NEVER test a new ruleset with him, his luck ("lack of" usually) is so statistically wrong that you cannot understand if the game is flawed or not..... ;)

  12. Wow this is stunning. Damn good job