søndag den 12. juni 2011

I am...Lord Siwoc

My alias, internet nickname. My real name is Johnny, 36 years of age. This Tuesday the 14th of June will see me reaching no 37! Living together with Lone whom I love, our two pugs and my two lizards. I sell mens wear for a living, and am quite good at it I may add.

How did I get to call myself Lord Siwoc then?

Well, at my local club I ran a wh40k campaign. Story behind it was that it had been isolated for 300 years due to warp storms. Now it was open and the Imperium sought to find connection with it again. The current ruler was Lord Siwoc, planetary Govenor.  As they progressed, they found the local guardsmen to fire and attack loyal guardsmen as well as astartes. One of the players sought to investigate further, what he found .....was chaos! They never caught Lord Siwoc.

Later I found a forum called The Golden Throne. And I used this Lord Siwoc as the name there. I am now a moderator and have met up with some of the guys in Nottingham to play a friendly tournament, which I won hehe. But that is actually the story behind my name. General Misdemenaur made me an avatar based on the above story.

And the picture below shows the mini I currently use for him. Most time seen as an advisor, a word in the ear yet also ready to lead a squad on a mission with slim chance of survival.... Only to reappear somewhere else.

Some say the robe he has on is made from the flag of Lunar Wolves 10th company and the rumours say he was part of that. No one can say for sure. Some say he is a legasy, not just one man but several. When one dies another takes over, absorbing his powers and memory. Again...none can say for sure.

And now...he seems to be controlling the undead......
Is the

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  1. So that's where the name comes from, I thought it was something out of Viking mythology, he he!!

  2. Such Is the Way Of Chaos my friend hehe...

  3. And now the truth is out! Thanks, Johnny. I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking who is Lord Siwoc?

  4. Nice to know the back-story...I just put Zombie before the first part of my name...far less interesting. :)

  5. Good to know Johnny, my name is Francis.

  6. good info to get out there. followed

  7. Nice story dude and happy birthday!

  8. Thanks guys. I had a good birthday. Having the day of today, what better way to use it then paint some more zombies?