søndag den 13. marts 2011

Fighting the zombies

4 players with each 4 members in their gang. Objective was easy enough, kill the celebrity zeds. Well...they had some friends tagging along. And some very big friends! Each turn would see the arrival of a celeb zed with some friends. They would only score points for killing the celeb zed, which had 2 wounds. I used AKULA´S skirmish rules and added how zeds may be alerted to noise from ATZ. There were 10 celeb zeds in all, the game would end when the last of them were killed. However...no matter how many of them you killed, you had to have a living member of your group to tell about it when the game stopped!!!

Unfortunately we did not get through to all ten as time ran out. I held the game at our club and the the key bearer....had forgotten the keys at home! Slight delay!!! But it was fun. Next time though I want to have more tank zeds, I only manage to get 2 on the board and one met an early end! And the zeds were not operating in groups properly, they are by far more nasty when they have numbers on their side. Well next time...

And as you may notice...I forgot my spawn counters at home!!! Thus the yellow slips of paper with numbers on.

Setup. Games workshop buildings as well as paper buildings. Think they are Woldworks. And some home made ruins as well.


I really used too few zombies, only a few times did the feel the pressure of zombies around them.

Rob Zombie arriving, promtly directing some of the zombies.

This guy from RAMSHACKLE GAMES, with a chainsaw, took down one of my tank zeds. Damn lucky rolls on his side and...well you can imagine how I rolled....

I will be doing this one again, with more zombies. This time I will let the players choose their own miniatures and how to arm them. That should justify me bringing all my Mantic zombies on the table!!! And with any luck, next time I will remember: Spawnpoints and to take more pictures of the game!!!

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  1. Your battlefield looks great and as long as your players had a good time, that's all that counts. I look forward to seeing your follow up game with more zombies. I think it's true no matter what rules you are using that zombies individually or in very small numbers are not much of a threat. It's when they start massing together that they become a major problem. so for me, the cry is "MORE ZOMBIES!!!!!!!"

  2. Excellent stuff, always the cry of more zombies and Akula's rules are perfect, I must look up the ATZ rules you used for the batrep?

  3. Thanks guys. The ATZ= All things zombie. What I have read of it so far is looking good. You can react to someone moving towards you. ANd what I used from it was how the gun sounds and chainsaws had a chance of atracting zombies close by. "Where the frag did that zed come from?!"

  4. Great set up, love the terrain, if your using shambling Zeds, they have to be literally coming out of the woodwork to be any good, tanks always help too (yours look Nasty).

  5. Great Bat-rep. I like the objective of killing the celebrity Zeds. Kinda like that scene on the roof from Zak Snyder's Dawn of the Dead remake. More zombies! :)

  6. Great work!! But the survivors need to be under pressure, MORE zombies!!!! ;)

  7. Nub question here. Did you create this game and rule set? Either way, I'd love to get a set and start up a game where I live.

  8. Hey mate!

    No the rules are from AKULA, ARSE RULES. That is actually their name... Though I did tweak it a bit. You get the basics and then you are free to modify it to suit your needs. You can find it on the net for free.