onsdag den 23. marts 2011

Keep rolling babe!

As the zombies more or less have taken over, humans live in safe zones. Resources are hard to come buy. Vegestables we can grow, electricity we can make from wind or water. Gas....is harder. But we need transportation!!! And although some cars run on electricity, they are far between... Skates? Skateboards? Bikes?


Please apologize the lack of paint. I did not finish them, but I really wanted to show them of.  A good friend of me tipped me of to Gary Hunt Miniatures Click on this link to go to his site . Brilliant work. All 4 models in the picture are from Gary Hunt. As soon as I get them painted you can be sure to see them.

And just to show that others have thought in these lines, I give you the Chinise anti terror squad:

In games they could give characters more movement, +1 to combat on the turn they move into hand to hand.
Imagination, as all we geeks have it, is there to be used! I love the miniatures from Gary Hunt. Only thing is the guns are a bit small. This may be a Games Workshop syndrom on my side, because they actually looks to be right scale.

Well I wish I had a Segway. And in other news, updates may most likely pop up like this on wednesdays instead. Trying to keep it on mondays have been hard for some reason...

6 kommentarer:

  1. Saw these on The Miniatures Page a while back and I am tempted, you are right they would aid movement but I think the blades would have to go but they look good and a good size.

  2. Now that's what I call thinking outside the box!

  3. Madness!!! :) But awesome to see something so fresh. Good call. They'll just need a noisy generator the recharge them.

  4. I will put a size comparison shot up as well. In the box you get 3 with blades and 3 without blades. Really not much in mold lines, they were easy enough to clean.

  5. Fantastic!!!! I want them!!!!! :)