tirsdag den 1. februar 2011

Mantic Games zombies

I must say these are superb! Plastic multipart. 3 bodies on a sprue, but with the extra bits you can easily make more. A spine on legs, one bursting up through the ground. I made 68 zombies and still have loads of bits to make at least 10 more.

The detail is amazing considering it is plastic. The big hands are not that bad as have been seen from other manufacturers. Anatomically looking pretty decent. You can see muscle sinew across the chest on some of them. Well done!!!

 Now...onto what I did with them. I have had my share of green zombies, now besides pus leaking, when did you see a dead body go green? I went for the grey and a bit skinless. And I think I am on to a winner.

The shambling horde (68 zombies, when can you call it a horde?) looks pretty scary. Now what I need is some survivors...
Just click on the image to see it bigger. 

A word of advice though...do NOT do as I did and paint 60+ in one go. Do them in groups of 5, 10 or 20. This was massive and almost turned me
into a zombie! Either that or I have gotten a cold....
Now these are ready to game with, I would however like to add more blood to the exposed guts, paint a bit more hair and teeth. But this will have to do for now....phew....

4 kommentarer:

  1. Yeah the mantic zombies look nasty, also I like what you have done with the visual style of your blog, the background looks awesome.

  2. Thanks mate! My girlfriend made the logo for me though hehe. Concerning the zombies, you really get value for money AND good quality!

  3. That looks just awesome bud, nice work

  4. Thanks mate, I actually need to put some more blood on them. Bu they work...