mandag den 24. januar 2011

At the movies....with zombies.

This, is what has inspired all the gamers I know when we talk of zombies. It will never take long before there is a reference to a movie. They are great! There are ofcourse the classics, but this blogpost will be about some of the more recent that I love. I am also a gamemaster, and many a time has been, that my gamers have heard the music of 28 DAYS LATER. Just listen...
Then there is the more funny aspect of zombie hunting. Like SHAUN OF THE DEAD, ZOMBIELAND, and both are in my humble opinion great! They do not need a serious plot all the time, they do not need to save the world like I AM LEGEND. They need zombies, and someone to bash their heads in!

That is what we zombie lovers/hunters/killers/bashers want! And we often get it....  RESIDENT EVIL to name one more movie that you do not have to dwell too deeply in. Just watch it and enjoy the fighting!

I have finally invested in zombies made to look as in present time. Just waiting for them to arrive. And made an investment in the game ALL THINGS ZOMBIE. People seem to hold it in high regards concerning zombie gaming. Now I just need to get through the rules. I am close to having 68 MANTIC GAMES zombies ready. I just found out....I have not a whole lot of survivors.... But have no fear....some are on their way in the mail! And you can be sure they will show up here, together with zooooombiiiieeesss!!!!

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