mandag den 7. februar 2011

All your base/brains are belong to us

Hey! I have survivors! Now I know they do not exactly look like survivors from week one, more like Mad Max scavengers.... But I like that setting as well! Oh and Mr. Romero the zombie wanted to be part of the photo as well.

This is actually my first try at cobblestone using greenstuff, and I am quite pleased with the result. There are some stuff that I learned already, so I hope there will be an improvement in my work with the others from here on... And yes, in some sort of way this theme will be ongoing throughout zeds and survivors. I like it to have an urban feel. With my years in the hobby...I have done enough grassy hills!! And as you may have noticed with my former post concerning MANTIC GAMES zeds, the desert theme has been done to death as well. (Pun intended!)

And now you may have realised (ofcourse you have, you be smarts!) that I got a new bunch of zeds! Namely from STUDIO MINIATURES. Zed mob 1 and 2 combined, thus I got Romero zed as a freebie. Thank you kindly for a nice bargain. Also some bikers and scavengers as the one seen in the photo from EM4 MINIATURES. I really love the guy with gasmask and umbrella! The ganger with the shotgun reminds me of the bad guy from BEYOUND THUNDERDOME. Not that I recall his name...

Survivors, zeds en masse.......NO! I will not mass paint them as I did with the other zeds! I am taking my time with these guys, they need a bit more.....loooove!!!! Umbrella guy is at the time of writing well underway. And you can be damn sure that when he is good and ready he will show up right here on this blog! So stay tuned...and look behind you!

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  1. Nice one, am looking forward to seeing them painted up, and 68 Zeds already! good effort.

  2. Thanks mate! In an earlier post you can see the 68 zeds, gives a sold backbone to start of with hehe....

  3. Love the max normal survivor with the umbrella and really love Ironbar from mad max 3. Really good stuff you have and looking forward to more.

  4. Is he called Ironbar? I have been looking for his name!!

  5. The basing looks great, good job. Can't wait to see them painted.