mandag den 14. februar 2011

It`s a thriller!

Besides the fact that this music video have a lot of zombies in it, why would I put a Michael Jackson video up on my blog? People who know me will say I am a metal head! Ramstein, Ozzy, Slayer, Disturbed and Lacuna Coil to mention some.

While browsing the internet for suitable modern zombies and survivors, I came by zombie smith webshop. Click the link here to go to their website.And there, among the shuffling and moaning miniatures Michael Jackson (as seen in this music video) appeared! Just had to have him! I got others than just him, they have yet to be painted. But not to fear, when they have their paint and are ready to go eat some brains, you can be sure I will put them up on this blog.

Well I have now given myself a small quest. To get hold of dramatis personae of zeds or survivors. MJ being the first here, but I already have some lined up. Ash from Evil dead. Alice from Resident evil. And in the previous post you may have noticed George A. Romero as zombie. They will first be shown off when they have been painted.I am sure I have seen the zombie birdman/mascot in a movie..... I just can not remember which!!!

Over at Bryan`s blog vampifan he has shown of some more celebs. Currently he shows off Dirty Harry, and from that he mentioned seeing him as a zed. The zed version however did not fall into either his or mine taste. Pricetag on this was tempting, but no. Could have been fun having Harry Potter the zed running around, but not if you do not like the miniature. That will have to wait then... By the way click on vampifan and see his blog. Quite inspiring work!

Seeing it up close like this, seems to me the base is missing something. I may add some debris, or possible a cola can. And blood offcourse!

My thoughts have begun to work on a zombietown, my own little hell hehe. Quite sure it will be american, as several of the zombies I have now is influenced from America. Movies and the like. Better aim for the lazy town out in nowhere first. Monster buildings will have to wait.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Reminds me of when I stayed up to watch the video when it first came out in Ireland, its a good mini.

  2. Hahaah nice work mate, I can just see your first game with all your zombies lining up behind your MJ zombie singing and dancing to Thriller, good stuff.

  3. I remember my little sister running screaming from the room when it was on and me simply dancing along and wondering why his eye looked a bit strange at the end. :) Cool mini!

    Ahh..the funk of 40K

  4. Thanks mates!
    I now realise that I should have put some of my mantic zeds in a dance stance....damn...