onsdag den 23. februar 2011

Big zed carsale!!!

Step right up and let me eat your brains! Erm...sell you a car... Only one former owner!!!

 Look at this little beauty! A yellow smartcar! Easy to drag survivors out from! Erm...easy to shoot with your big guns from! And for the fast getaway car, this is a must! Lamborghini in a mat black! Can NOT go wrong there! If it will start that is....

 Some said red goes faster.... Blood certaintly sprays lovely from a slashed arterie! Both of these are from Volvo, for that extra bit of safety hehe...

Saab sportscar in black here, a fine beaty that is! And my favorite, may I present to you: Dodge charger! Good for going through zeds! Hey...Wait? Where are you going? Come on...buy a car! You get a free ballon with it!!!

And with that...thank you Rob Zombie for showing of my recently bought cars. And at a bargain too I might add. 3 for 40 dkr. That is around 3.8 gbp. Diecast cars really look good! Now before you say anything...I am sorry for the delay. I would really like if I could keep a weekly update on this... Working on a lot of stuff at the moment. And playing other games as well. I have several zed and survivors to get working on. My lovely lady got me 10 Hasslefree miniatures as a valentine present!!! And I got some road stuff from Fenris games, including toxic waste barrels, cones, firehydrant and ordinary metal barrels.

This picture above gives you an idea of some of the things I am working on. Plans on the Zombie town is in progress, thus the cars and road stuff I bought.  Oh...if anybody outthere wonder why I called my zombie here for Rob...Well that is his name! Stage name that is, lead singer in White zombie. Have a listen to them here:

4 kommentarer:

  1. Good to hear about the progress, nice cars, the fenris stuff is good and you can't go wrong with Hasslefree especially when they're a gift. Keep going my friend.

  2. Yeah nice work man, the cars will set your game board off, good choices.

  3. Nice going, it is cool to pick up some bargains that, as The Extaordinarii said, really set your game board off. Looking forward to seeing more. I'll check out the Fenris stuff, thanks for the heads-up.

  4. Thanks guys! It is slowly getting there...in the speed of zombie crawling. But as well as the zombie...it will get there ;-)