onsdag den 19. januar 2011

Zombies do not use cars

But they are pretty useful for us breathers! Even if they are just stationary, they can be used as cover, barricades
or just scenery. For the games of zombie fighting I think they are pretty essential. In all the movies dated in our time you will see cars. Not always used, but they are there.

These I bought really cheap. They even have sounds hehe.... I think they will need a paint job, some battledamage, but even as they are now they can easily be used in games. The zombies present for scale are from MANTIC GAMES. Damn good zombies! There will be a review once I have painted them properly.

By the way, 20 dkr are about 2 british pounds, and about 4 dollars. Thinking about converting one of them into a survival vehichle. Extra armour, paint it with bloodsplashes across the front...stuff like that. As I searched youtube for zombie stuff I came across this little gem. Enjoy! And I do hope to follow up on this with regular updates concerning my zombie projects.

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