søndag den 19. januar 2014

Not much zombie gaming

Not much zombie gaming, but gaming a lot! And a bit of zombie as well. Confused? Keep reading and all will be explained.

As some may remember I backed MANTIC GAMES DEADZONE. Most of my army (The plague) have been getting some painting love. Bases not done as I am unsure how to do them. Got a game under my belt with the real rules. We playtested alpha and beta rules at the club before the game came. Well the game was against a good friend of mine who play REBEL (scum) . And it was mostly a game to get into the mechanics. We royally fucked up how the grenades works! But it should be worked out now. We had to stop the game as it was getting late and called it a draw. But I (thankfully) love this game!!

I have chosen to go with another fraction as well. The Marauders. This guy here is a heavily converted captain. And yes...He is brown. Like Tolkiens orcs. I like this leather look much better than the greenskins. And some of the redskins too actually.

 A comparison shot with the original model to the left and my version to the right.

A parcel arrived from zombie shop 
containing 2 novels based around the zombie apocalypse. I am just about halfway in APOCALYPSE OF THE DEAD. Good reading so far. Oh and would you believe it? On their Facebook page they made a small competition where you could win a copy of SCHOCK HORROR MAGAZINE. That is coming my way as we speak! Cheers guys!

THE MINIATURES MAN is having a giveaway. Having hit 50k hits he has been digging around his leadpile and put up some nice prizes to give away. Do check the link. Well worth a read the rest of the blog as well. Good luck in the future to Joakim and his blog.

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  1. I do prefer you Marauder very good conversion. I really should get my enforcers done... I really should but I am a crazy human pinball and struggle to stay on any project long. As they need a lot of work cleaning up and assembling them I am reluctant to start them.

  2. Sci fi Zombies still count! Liking the marauders having seen them take shape on facebook. Look forward to reading some batreps!

  3. Ideas for bases usually seem to be either dirt (red, black, brown, grey or yellow are all good, perhaps with a few rocks or a little vegetation to break up the monotony) or some form of spaceship or building floor plating. At least all of these are simple to do in bulk, unlike the "alien jungle", "lava field", "demonic earth" or other such themes.

    In the end, I'd just go with whatever matches your existing or intended future terrain...

  4. Nice looking figures, gruesome.

  5. Great job on the conversion. Conversions are always great.

    As for the basing, I'd try to replicate the walkways or whatever colour the dirt would be around it.

  6. Love the conversion you did, looks great and congrats on the win!

  7. Your conversion looks seamless; it's always a plus getting any gaming.

  8. I love the big fella, great work!