torsdag den 6. juli 2017

But where has the rum gone?

To folow up from last blogpost.... Here be Pirates! A kickstarter from Macrocosm 
Click the link please.  A wellcome surprise as the parcel arrived. Last Saturday I had a dark reminder that I needed to listen a bit more to my body. Signs of stress popped up. Now this has just been a warning to me, as I did not fully crack. I have two weeks vacation so at least good timing. Now...To the miniatures

 And bases...We need some wood. The deck of the ship. Thankfully Lone helped me in cutting the stuff up.

 So a bit of clean up on the miniatures and I have started the painting progres, just with a handfull to start. This way it does not seem overwhelming.

 Coming along nicely mateys! And...I am pretty sure I have two ships somewhere. Yes I know...I am a gaming nerd, what do you want me to say? I also know I have some treasure chests, human pirates and some cannons. 

What is a pirates favorite letter in the alphabet?
The R you say?
No no no.....
Everybody knows...Any Pirate wil say he loves the C !

Now...If you wil excuse me...I found me a treasure map and need to assemble my crew.
Good tidings to you !

mandag den 26. juni 2017

Kickstarter and musings

These are really cool ! And you can bet that I have pledged! There are pugs as well!! The hogs are by far my favorite and I see a lot of uses for them. Oh come on...Gaming is supposed to be fun! There is not much reality in a spacemarine either. Might as well have a bit of fun. Check some of these images too:

 There is not much risk in this Kickstarter. He has produced other KS and delievered within time limit. And as you can see, the products are just about ready. He is hammering away on making the stretchgoals that have been unlocked. 

 I am in the process of painting this big guy. There was next to no clean up needed. A bit of flash and that was it. Such a joy to work with. The kickstarter is enning this coming sunday the 2. of July. It is funded...So go check it out and pledge!


I have pledged several projects on Kickstarter. From Mantic Games, Thunderchild miniatures, Ramshackle Games, Across the dead earth and many more... But I see myself more and more backing the smaler ones. Like the one above here. I know Zombiecide is doing one right now where you get a fuckton of miniatures. I am NOT pledging that one. Cool models, I really like Mercury and Lemmy! But I wil not buy it. The reason? I have yet to paint the original Zombiecide. Granted it is some of the expansions and heroes but I have yet to play through all of the missions. And I have not played Black plague ONCE.  They are very cool models but I have drawn a line. Hobby money will be spent elsewhere. It will just get put on a shelf and lie for ages unused.

 Plus...Now that it would seem 40k could work again...I might bring out my old Praetorian guard. Sure I have the army...So not much money will be spent there. And I remembered that I had some tanks from Ramshackle games  which I will use as armoured allies. And there we go.

Am I being an adult ?! Still want shiny models though... Just not backing stuff where I know it will likely not get used in several years. Okay...I have several of those models now. Being a ner has some drawbacks. I have been trying to sell some of my models in order to bring more orer to the madness here. Focusing a bit more on the games I actually play. And those are mainly skirmish games. Kings of war and maybe 40k being those I play that are not skirmish.

Sigh ...This turned out to be the ramblings of a madman instead... Not much usefull information. If you have stuck through all of this...Let me ask you a question. Do you have a really cool miniature, that you have yet to paint and for some reason can not get started on? I think we all have, at LEAST one ! But that does not stop us from buying more....

søndag den 28. maj 2017

Kings of war undead

This albumcover has always been a favorite of mine. Though I never had the record myself come to think about it. The geek in me saw the lichlord holding a meeting with his necromancer underlings. Plotting the next steps to take in corrupting the kingdom of men.

Now onto the army. A friend of mine (ROGZOMBIE)  asked me the other day about Mantic games skeletons.  So I dug them out an send a picture or two. Then had a look at my army and thought I needed to expand it a bit. Yeah I know...Another one of those projects (See my previous blogpost).

Zombie trolls. Actually ordinary trolls which unerwent conversion work. Missing jaw, knife in eye, replacement of arm and a leg. Oh and the coffin hehe... New recruit!

The lovely zombies! Emerging from the swamp Hungry for that tender meat you have!

 Go ahead and charge us! The spear armed skeletons have been able to weather alot of attacks and then hit back with a vengeance!

 Now we mention charging! This really hurts when they hit! And being sneaky I often have the necromancers to help deliever them onto a flank charge!

 Klaatu! VERADA! .......... Thinking of putting one on a flying beast. Hmmm... I had some wraiths too but was not happy with the models. Need to work out something else as I really do like wraiths in my army.

And today I recieved an addition to my army! Just not sure what to play it as. A regiment of cavalry perhaps?


søndag den 21. maj 2017

Going between 50 and 80 %

Time to adress this problem. I have loads of projects going on. From my IMPUDENT MORTAL terrain, Praetorian guard 40k, The Walking dead miniatures through to selling some surplus and abandoned projects. And aaalways...There is a damn cool kickstarter that will catch my eye!

 I want to do it all! Paint them, convert it, play games! I do get some games in between. A good friend of mine Kenn has an everstanding challenge with me in DEADZONE.
 Really really love this game. Mostly due to the mechanics, but the fact that it is easy to set up and put away again do have some big points! Scenery picture here is from Kenn. You can spot his tummy and hands in the upper of the picture hehe.

My setup to painting some of it has been done. And I am quite pleased with it. An old display setup from Emporio Armani underwear works great for my needs!

 A bit more clean up has happened. Sold more of my old miniatures in order to make room plus fund my kickstarter addiction. So in short....I am okay. Just need to finish a project...Or 12 !!

søndag den 19. marts 2017

Post apocalyptic riding in style

It is coming...Ever closer....So might as well have a ride! Car or bike, entirely up to you but I have made my choise. The KICKSTARTER is live now so to get the good deals go help them reach the target!

And more to come, bikes too. You can already add a bike as add on. Or one of their starting gangsets. The models are really cool. I have several of them and they fit so great in postapocalyptic gaming.

Here are a couple of examples painted by me. Yes...They have bacon! Oh wait...Pigs...They have pigs!

 And on top of it...Hyacint games are quite nice guys. I will likely add more stuff than just cars. V8 engines reving ! This...Is going to be bad....In a good way!

Don`t get left behind in the dust! BE SHINY AND CHROME! 

mandag den 20. februar 2017


"Hey Johnny! How about I demo the new rules for DEADZONE with you?" Sure, I have the models for it. A buddy of mine Kenn threw me back into this game. And I must say the new rules, especially command dice have made it so much better! 

And these are just the ones that have been assembled. I also have Marauders, enough painted to do a strike team with much more waiting to be put together. However.....I played the Enforcers in the demogame. Never gave them much thought due to me having Plague and Marauders. But they were quite good. And...Since I was onboard both the Kickstarters I had practically an army of Enforcers just waiting for me. 

I put together a small list and got going. Undercoat, basecolours, base is done. The above picture shows me drying the base stuff. It was raining today... They are ready to use on the battlefield but I would like to add a bit more to them. Blood on bases, weapons...But quite fun to do a speedpaint once in a while.

Tomorrow I will go to battle against Kenn again. This time I am bringing the plauge and I think he will be using Asterians. Looking forward to it as not only is it a good game, I quite like to play against Kenn. And no...Not just because I won last time ;-)

Meet the boys! 150 points of nasty stuff!

 And objective markers quickly done.

onsdag den 1. februar 2017

Underhive gang for Necromunda

"Welcome to the Underhive. This is where you either win or die! Let me give you a friendly advice... Make sure you always have a backup weapon and do not trust anybody!"
Unknown exganger. He was found dead the next day. Suicide by 4 shotgun shots to the back, 22 stabwounds and his head has not been found yet.

Progress on my Orlock gang. Not finished painting them and I am considering how to do the bases. But here they are.

 From left to right: Cleon, Swan, Ajax, Vermin, Cochise and Snow.

From left to right: Cowboy, Rembrandt, Fox and Mercy.

I am trying out darker skin. Never done that before, can not say why actually... But here goes. Quite happy with how they look so far. Looking forward to getting some highlights on them.

Some of you....May have noticed a theme. The names may have rung a small bell in the back of your minds.... There is a deeper meaning to that. And thus the name of my gang.

The first one to acurately say where I got the idea to this gang from, and their name, will get to name this scummer who is getting a bit of paint too.

 Now if you will excuse me, I need to get myself stuck to a piece of terrain. Well...Try to make some walkways.