mandag den 20. februar 2017


"Hey Johnny! How about I demo the new rules for DEADZONE with you?" Sure, I have the models for it. A buddy of mine Kenn threw me back into this game. And I must say the new rules, especially command dice have made it so much better! 

And these are just the ones that have been assembled. I also have Marauders, enough painted to do a strike team with much more waiting to be put together. However.....I played the Enforcers in the demogame. Never gave them much thought due to me having Plague and Marauders. But they were quite good. And...Since I was onboard both the Kickstarters I had practically an army of Enforcers just waiting for me. 

I put together a small list and got going. Undercoat, basecolours, base is done. The above picture shows me drying the base stuff. It was raining today... They are ready to use on the battlefield but I would like to add a bit more to them. Blood on bases, weapons...But quite fun to do a speedpaint once in a while.

Tomorrow I will go to battle against Kenn again. This time I am bringing the plauge and I think he will be using Asterians. Looking forward to it as not only is it a good game, I quite like to play against Kenn. And no...Not just because I won last time ;-)

Meet the boys! 150 points of nasty stuff!

 And objective markers quickly done.

19 kommentarer:

  1. Looks awesome my friend, Can't wait to have another go at it.
    This time I better remember to use command dices :p

  2. I've not been taken with Deadzone, so looking forward to seeing how your teams perform.

  3. Do I detect a slight Judge Dredd influence in the colouring of those figures?

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